Correne on SNL

News from Chicks and Giggles alum, Correne.

Just wanted to let you know, first, that, thanks to last week's audition and my ability to fit some generic demographic, I will be appearing as an extra in this week's episode of SNL!! So everyone please tivo me and keep an eye out for my elbow or ear, because it may just be appearing in the far upper corner of your screen. (Thanks again to those who came.)

Second, and even more importantly, I have an audition for the owners of Stand Up New York on Monday, January 31. If I "pass" the audition, I will be part of the roster of regularly performing comics at the club. While I don't need to bring people, it would be really nice to have some friendly faces in the audience -- plus, the bigger the crowd, the louder the laughs. So, if you can make it to the show, I'll be your best friend (or, at least, a very good friend).

Here are the details:
When: Monday, January 31st at 9 pm
Where: Stand Up New York, 236 West 78th Street, right off Broadway,
How much: $12 cover plus two drink minimum
RSVP: (212) 595-0850

This show will also feature professional comics, including Cory Kahaney from Last Comic Standing.

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