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Fellow MILF Raven Snook gave us some nice coverage for our upcoming GOT MILF show in her column in L Magazine. Check it out!


"Got MILF?" supports KENWA

All proceeds from our upcoming show "Got MILF?" (May 9th!) will benefit KENWA, the Kenya Network of Women with AIDS.
Right now in Kenya, 1.8 million children orphaned by AIDS have been left bewildered and on their own. An entire generation of children is being raised by children, and every 14 seconds another one joins the ranks.
To 1700 of these children, KENWA is mother, provider, and protector. Hundreds of them line up at KENWA care centers for their daily porridge, a soupy blend of grains and fish. KENWA gives them clothes and shelter and provides them with counseling. Most importantly, KENWA gives them love.
School is the only structure in these children’s fractured lives, and education is the greatest weapon against HIV/AIDS. Therefore, KENWA supports 1028 children in school.
KENWA offers recovery to people with AIDS. It gives them vocational training and seed money so they can sell sundries to become financially independent.
KENWA is the sole thread to survival for 6951 people by providing the following:
  • Hot meals daily for 1700 orphans and 665 people who are bedridden.

  • Infant formula to prevent AIDS transmission to newborns from their mothers.

  • Medical services for 5384 people with AIDS and antiretroviral (ARV) therapy for 845.

  • Individual and group therapy for 5500 people affected by AIDS.

  • KENWA does all this with grants and private donations. It turns away no one, no matter how sick, no matter how poor. It’s committed to become a self-sustainable and replicable model for AIDS-based organizations worldwide by 2010.


    Fan Mail

    We got a lovely letter from our new friend Molly who ended up onstage at this week's show:
    Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for choosing me to play the “I ain’t no New York walker person” role last night (think I ad-libbed the “ain’t” part – seemed more authentic.) It was nice to relax into my drawl again.
    Sarah (of pink vibrator fame), Kelly, my sister Lacey and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It is the second time we’ve been and I plan on making it a regular thing – so funny, fresh and feminine (feel free to use that.) Loved the Prussian Blue stuff – so scary it has to be funny. Oh and I loved the bit last time about Evian Flu. That cracked me up!
    Thanks for the Chicks and Giggles!
    Rock on, Mols! XOXO.

    MILF: It does a body good!

    Got MILF?

    Check out the Mamapalooza Riverside Outdoor Extravaganza on Sunday, May 21 from 12-5pm!

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    Hell, yeah!

    What a fantastic show last night. Not that every show isn't spectacular because really they all are, but we had such a great mix of comedy, variety and music (not to mention a packed room full of awesome peeps) that it was just really, really fun. My new buddy Jeffrey James from The Shark Show said "It makes me physically ill when people say that women aren't funny, and I wish everyone who's ever said that was here tonight."

    Mad props go to comics Adrienne Iapalucci, Liz Miele, Leighann Lord, our house ventriloquist Carla Rhodes and our musical guest Robin Gelfenbien. Robin graciously set up the rockin'-est beat/guitar track I've ever heard on her Casio for me to "rap up" the show with. It was a blast!

    Thanks to everybody who came out - spread the love, y'all!