Two For One Woman Shows

Friends and Chicks and Giggles Alums, Guilia Rozzi and Claudia Cogan will be performing next Monday (Feb 28) at the PIT at 8PM.
154 W 29th St between 6th and 7th

I, Claudia
It's an epic tale about one brave woman getting around LA without a car,
trying to save the world one loom at a time and tackling the biggest
challenge of all - her tenth birthday party

Stupid Foreigners
Guilia Rozzi's hilarious show about her crazy Italian family.


Chicks and Giggles Show Feb 22

Yes it's the day after President's Day, but we didn't Bush.
Oh well, we can always laugh!

Here is the line up for Chicks & Giggles show on this Tuesday

1. Giulia Rozzi
2. Rosemary Stevens
3. Ana Carolina
4. Tasha Space
5. Jodi Young
6. Veronica Mosey
7. Molly Reisner


Mannino Posted by Hello

Things to know about Laura...she produces Mintyfresh and she just got a gmail account. She's a lucky chick!

Lil Shannon Posted by Hello

She may hate Dakota Fanning, but she's funny as hell!


Carolyn Posted by Hello

Carolyn was our host for Tuesday's Chicks and Giggles. It was a blast! Carolyn asked trivia questions and gave out Mardi Gras beads to the audience.


Chicks and Giggles show, Tomorrow

Come out to the show...great line-up...drinking debauchery and comedy
Mardi Gras, True Dat!

The Mardi Gras Edition is tomorrow night,
Tuesday February 8 at Raga. 433 East 6th St.

Come early for the Pre-fixe Soul Food Dinner @$19.95
Show starts at 8:30PM

The lovely line-up:
Host Carolyn Castiglia
AB Carney
Jen Kirwin
Shannon Ennis
Kelly Nichols
Laura Mannino
Rena Zager
and musical guest Bayne Gibby