October 25
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Negin Farsad's virgin performance at Chicks and Giggles. Her parents would be proud!

Death Becomes Her

October 25
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One of Adira's hits has this lyric:
"Sometimes you have to fight til the death"

Adira is awesome!

It's Pat

October 25
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Pat Candaras had the crowd howling with laughter. She's a great actress--in bed.

Becky Bops!

October 25
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Becky Yamamoto stopped by to do a set at Chicks and Giggles last night. Don't ask to wear to her green sweater.

Desiree Uncensored

October 25
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Ms. Burch seemed surprised that I was taking a picture of her. She better get used to it because she's a rising star.

Carolyn and Brian: Twins

October 25
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Next time, Carolyn and Brian must call each other first before going out. How cute are they?!



Sean at Murph Guide gave us a great shout on his website. Check it out here! He has a weekly newsletter for all kinds of cool shiznit going down in the city - check out his site and sign up!


Next Week @ Chicks and Giggles

It's gonna be HOT!
We have a crazy lineup with something for everyone.
Two musical acts, smutty comedy, an Irish lass, a Muslim chick, and even a grandma!

Adira Amram
Pat Candaras
Jessica Delfino
Negin Farsad
Margot Leitman
Fiona Walsh

Hosted by Desiree Burch

Read this excellent review of our new home, Mo Pitkins.

Chicks Kick Greg Wilson's Butt

Chicks and Giggles had our first real challenge since moving to Mo Pitkins, a packed room! Yay! I didn’t take pictures as I was busy keeping time and watching the crowd. Plus, I was in the corner so I couldn’t get good pictures anyway. Michelle Buteau rocked as host. She kept the crowd laughing which was full of people (mostly men) who were waiting to see The Greg Wilson in the other room. The crowd loved our “vadging” out comedy. Some even stayed until our show was done before heading over hear Greg! Katina led off the night with Weight Watchers jokes and flirted with audience members. Michelle Maclay had some sexy and dirty jokes that I had never heard before. Robin Fox had hot jokes about her son’s morning pop-up tent and Lianne did the infamous “Mind Reader” to a whole new crowd. Rounding out the show was AB Carney’s dark humor and Liz Miele’s blessed humor. Everyone loves our gorgeous Irish bartender Thomas, and I think the feeling is mutual. Come check out the show next Tuesday!


Chicks and Giggles Debut at Mo Pitkins

Last night was our first night at Mo Pitkins. It was fantastic!


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Don't let the sweet smile fool you. Michelle is mad crazy! Michelle Buteau's Premium Blend will air on Comedy Central in December.

The Crowd

In the crowd last night, there was my buddies Heidi, Matt and Brian. Brian took pictures. Also a few of Emily's friends came who Michelle called "Oprah's Book Club". [She kids.] Plus we had a talent manager and Alex Michel from "The Bachelor". Yeah!


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It was Jackie's first night at Chicks and Giggles. She rocked it like a Matzoh Ball!


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She is so funny and we can see why she's Christina McGreat! She's moving to LA soon. We'll miss her.


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Jenny elevates the comedy with SAT words.

Rachael Smiles

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Intelligent design has brought Rachael to bring the funny...

Emily Don't Know Your Life

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But she knows how to make you laugh!

The Hottest Bartender Ever

The hottest bartender ever
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Yes, he will be there every Tuesday laughing and making drinks. Thomas is our bartender.

Did I mention the burgers?

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The burgers at Mo Pitkins are excellent! Enjoy some grub while watching the show.

Our Lovely Host Laura

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Laura Mannino kept the show rolling...with laughter.

Buteau's Bounty

Buteau's Bounty
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Michelle showed her ass last night as she flirted with our new favorite bartender, Thomas.


Gotta Go to Mo's!

CHICKS AND GIGGLES is now mo' betta! After a great year at Raga we are moving to the beautiful new hot spot MO PITKINS on Ave. A. Join us next Tuesday at our new location - and check the new bat time, Robin!

34 AVE. A (2nd/3rd)

Thanks to Shawn Hollenbach for designing our new graphic. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

The NYUCF Show Rocked!

And rocked hard! AND - Chicks rocked Raga for the last time! That's right! You heard me. Raga has been great to us and we will surely miss it. I am sad to say goodbye to Cherokee Gumby and the red, red wall, but psyched to say hello to our new home, Mo Pitkins. Here's one final pictoral view of the little basement that could...

"I don't have any candy, but...

...would you like to come in and listen to some jazz?" Rube (Jenny Rubin, that is) turned out pretty okay for a kid who never got to have a real Halloween. That's okay though - she compensates by gettin' all Jew-y on the High Holy Days. (Cuz really, what is more Jew-y than doing comedy? Gefilte fish, maybe? Oy!)

Let it go...

Long ago in a land far, far away, Lianne Stokes went to the store and the girl behind the counter rang her up for the wrong (more expensive) item. When Lianne confronted the clerk about this and said, "That's not mine," the clerk replied, "What? You think I'm supposed to be some kind of mind reader?!" Lianne hasn't been the same since...

Tap That Ass!

(As the clerk, in bed with her husband.) "Mind reader! She thought I was supposed to be a mutha f*ckin' mind reader!"

No, this is not Giulia in a different outfit.

This is Laura Mannino - though she so astutely observed that she and Giulia do bear some resemblance. (I gotta remember to spread my WOP girls out over multiple shows.) Laura can't wait for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to "storm" Biloxi. Oh! Storm! Hurricane! Ha! (That's my joke but you can totally steal it, Laura.) Oh! Stealing! That's just like looting! HEY-OH!

Jes - is good, mami!

This is Rachel Feinstein (on the right) with our lovely host for the evening, Ophira Eisenberg. Rachel's act was so good that I forgot to take her picture in action! I had never seen her before so I was totally engrossed in her act-outs of her Puerto Rican boyfriend's mother who pretends to have schizophrenia to score Social Security. Hilarious! And Ophira just looks so darn cute in this picture I had to go with it. You can hardly tell she's been sleeping between crates of salted meat.


Eat your heart out, Kim Cattrall! You got nothin' on Desiree Burch... Just because she smells like vanilla doesn't mean she just had a big bowl of ice cream, okay?

Mannequin II: On the Move

In this case, the sequel is as good as the original...

Big Bag O' Crazy

Comic Michael Cyril Creighton (or MC2 as he is fondly known) shows us that Lianne is one big bag o' crazy... and we love her for it!

Post-Show Love

Chicks is not your average male-dominated comedy show where at the end you roll over, smoke a cigarette and leave. We cuddle! Desiree is showing off her Fest badge (so she can f*ck the drummer later) and Michael and Nichelle share a laugh while Shawn whispers something naughty into Giulia's ear... Yum!

Thanks to everybody who performed and came out to watch - you made our last night at Raga and our second year in the Fest totally great! And, we raised $30 for Operation Uplink, the Fest's official charity. Not bad for poor kids in a basement!


The New York Underground Comedy Fest is Here!

Yay! Come see the show tomorrow night and support this hugely awesome undertaking of comedy sprawling over all five boroughs!

Our fantastic lineup:

Desiree Burch (SMUT)
Rachel Feinstein (Just for Laughs Fest)
Laura Mannino (Mintyfresh)
Giulia Rozzi (Mortified)
Jenny Rubin (Comedy Cellar)
Lianne Stokes (Brutal Honesty)

Hosted by Ophira Eisenberg (Premium Blend)

8:30 - RAGA - FREE! See you there.