Joke-e-Oke! WTF?

Now I have heard it all... I read this is Wired News.

The idea for Joke-e-oke is simple. It's basically karaoke with stand-up comedy material. Many dream of the chance to be a comedian with killer material in front of a laughing crowd. With Joke-e-oke, people are able to live out their comedy fantasy of being their favorite comedian onstage, choosing from a list of stand-up comedy icons to perform. A built in laugh track is added, timed perfectly to accent punch lines.

Comedians get no pay and no respect if this catches on.

Next Chicks and Giggles is April 12.


Great job to all the Chicks who performed last night!

Except Jenny Rubin, who was sick. =( But, you can catch her tonight hosting the Comedy Social. Yay!

Check out the next Chicks on Tuesday, March 22! Lineup to be posted soon.......

Plus be sure to read all of the lovely Chicks personal blogs!


MARCH MADNESS! Next Chicks March 8!

Come on, y'all!

WHO: Fiona Walsh, hosts: Michelle Buteau, Carolyn Castiglia, Claudia Cogan, Jessy Delfino, Shannon Ennis, Liz Maher, Jenny Rubin.

WHAT: Chicks and Giggles, biatch!

WHEN: Tuesday, March 8 at 8:30 pm.

WHERE: RAGA, 433 East 6th Street between 1st/Ave. A.

WHY: Because it's funny and you like basements filled with pretty girls. Don't lie.