Chicks and Giggles Alumni

This is the list of the fabulously funny women who have performed at Chicks and Giggles: Michelle Buteau, AB Carney, Ana Carolina,Carolyn Castiglia, Nikki Chawla, Gayle Crispin, Claudia Cogan, Katina Corrao, Jessica Delfino, Ophira Eisenberg, Erin Foley, Robin Fox, Andrea Hancock, Lynn Harris, Correne Kristiansen, Catie Lazarus, Margot Leitman, Ellen Lloyd, Laura Mannino, Michelle Maclay, Liz Maher, Amy Mahfouz, Faux Maux, Christina McGrath, Veronica Mosey, Chelsea Peretti, Lisa Perlman, Susannah Perlman, Molly Reisner, Abby Rosin, Jenny Rubin, Giulia Rozzi, Tasha Space, Lianne Stokes, Jill Twiss, Fiona Walsh, Maureen White, Becky Yamamoto, Jodi Young.

The next show will be extra special. We’ll celebrate Mardi Gras with wine, women and song. On Tuesday February 8, we’ll laugh as the talented Chicks and Giggles amaze you with their comedic stylings. When: Tuesday, February 8 Where: Raga (433 East 6th St. between 1st and Avenue A) Phone Number of Venue: 212.388.0957 Performers to include: AB Carney, Carolyn Castiglia, Shannon Ennis, Jen Kirwin, Carmen Lynch, Kelly Nichols, Rena Zager.

Special guest: Singer/Songwriter: Bayne Gibby

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The Pink Panther said...

Really looking forward to checking you girls out next week! I read poetry with the First Fridays open mic at Raga and Tony (he rocks!) mentioned this to me, said I would definitely enjoy it!!!

See ya next week!

Cheers & Beer!