Girls Gone Wild

We're college bound, y'all! Look for more Spring dates soon!

He Blew It: Chicks Contribute To New York Post Article

The women of Chicks and Giggles are in the newspapers again. This time they lend their hilarious stories of how "He Blew It" article for the New York Post.

Hooray for Chick Alums Katina Corrao, Veronica Mosey and Mindy Raf who delivered the funny!


Funny Women, A Turn-Off ?! Hell To The No!

Richard from Dogs Must Be Carried let us know that Chortle, The British Comedy website has linked the Times article. Browsing Chortle, I found this ridiculous article that says that funny women are a turnoff. This is utter rubbish especially considering that many of the female comics that I know are dating, married or in serious relationships. In fact, their ability to communicate in a humorous way and laid back demeanor are attractive personality traits. Plus, to be a comic, you have to have confidence. Confidence is sexy, and I know men like that. Lastly, many of the females here in New York are absolutely gorgeous. Just look at the pictures on the blog!


Chicks In The New York Times

Today is a wonderfully sunny day for the end of January. If global warming is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

Exciting news:
Chicks and Giggles is mentioned in a New York Times article about alternative comedy written by Warren St. John! Scroll down!



Nichelle was nice enough to post the pictures below from our sold out show on Tuesday in the Performance Spoace at Mo's. The crowd was fantastic and included comics Victor Varnado, Liam McEneaney, Desiree Burch and Negin Farsad. We're in talks to hold the show in the Performance Space monthly in addition to our regular slot in Sadie's Lounge. Come check it out!


Chicks and Giggles Presents Riffs and Gigs

Chicks and Giggles presents Riffs and Gigs,an all-girl and all-music show! It's Saturday, February 4 at 10PM at Mo Pitkins. Come laugh and sing along to the Adira Amram, Erin and Her Cello, Jessica Delfino, Mindy Raf, and The Hazzards. Admission: $5

Carolyn will host and rap like a hip hopster. "J-Lo got nothing on the girl from Oswego, Challah!"


~TUESDAY 1-24~

8 pm - Upstairs at Mo's!


Claudia Cogan
Margot Leitman
Sara Schaefer
Lianne Stokes
Jen Dziura
Bex Schwartz
Jess Wood
Special Musical Guest Bari Koral

Right the heck on.

Check out our Chicks in Time Out New York

The lovely Amanda Melson and Rachael Parenta have features in the Comedy section of this week's Time Out based on jokes they told at the Jan. 10th show. Buy it now and have them sign it before they get so famous you have to pay them five bucks!


Just a reminder - no show this week!

Because Chef Chris is having his "Blue Collar Beer Tasting" in Sadie's Lounge. Check out Mo Pitkin's website for all the deets.

And remember - next week the show starts at 8 pm in the performance space "Upstairs at Mo's." Come on out and watch these "Girls on Film" live for FREE before they get so famous the cover becomes five bucks.


Chicks, Chicks, Chicks!

The funny is female. Deal with it! Tuesday night, we had another fanstastic show. It was extra special with two women from SUNY Purchase were there to film the show for a documentary. Every time I meet someone and I tell them about Chicks and Giggles, they wonder where do I find all the funny lady comics. They are everywhere!


I was playing around with Picasa to create a video using the photos from Tuesday's show. It has no audio, but it's pretty cool.


The Bitches Are Back!

Happy 2006!
Chicks is back and ready to mack.
Making you laugh so hard that you get a heart attack.

[I will save the rhymes for my co-producer Carolyn]

Anyway, our first show of the new year was fantastic. Mark your calendars for Jan 10, 24, and 31. We also have a special music show on February 4. We have some kick ass comedy for you in 2006, so get ready!

Becky: Queering Off For Plastic Beads

Chicks and Giggles: January 3
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Ohmigod, Becky! At least, the chicks should get a meal first.

Lang: Snuggly

Chicks and Giggles: January 3
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Lang explained the appeal of Uggs! Finally, we get it.

Sandra: Hopelessly Obsessed?

Chicks and Giggles: January 3
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Sandra did a character...it was hilarious!

Giulia: The Mighty

Chicks and Giggles: January 3
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It's not the Jets vs The Sharks but Friendster vs. MySpace. Get ready to rumble.

Claudia--She Don't Know Excel

Chicks and Giggles: January 3
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But she can dance...for inspiration. Get in the groove!

Laura Preserves Your Sexy

Chicks and Giggles: January 3
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She is so proactive!

Carolyn Is A Hip Hopster

Chicks and Giggles: January 3
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Tell J-Lo that she got nothing on the girl from Oswego!