Next Chicks and Giggles is November 9

It is new and improved and less expensive. NO Cover+ 2 drink minimum. The Chicks and Giggles show will now be at Raga on East 6th Street (between 1st and Avenue A). The lineup includes Claudia Cogan, Giulia Rozzi, Ophira Eisenberg, Correne Kristiansen, Jody Young and Michelle Maclay.

Female Comedians?

I started a google alert on "female comedians" and so far, I got nothing to share with you. Hopefully this site will make up for that.

Ladyfest starts this Thursday and there will be a Comedienne Show on Saturday.

I only wish I heard about it sooner so that there would be more "Chicks and Giggles" alums there. Good going C&G alum Chelsea Peretti.


Jessica Delfino takes no crap! Posted by Hello

Jenny Rubin (AKA Rube) strikes a pose! Posted by Hello

Erin Foley...funny is as funny does! Posted by Hello

Carolyn...comedy hair! Posted by Hello

Lisa Pearlman---the Jewish Diana Ross. Posted by Hello

Ellen Lloyd doing her English accent. Posted by Hello

Laura Mannino started the show with a bang! Posted by Hello

Chicks Pix

Fiona Walsh was our fabulous MC. Posted by Hello

Finally, here are the pictures from last week's Chicks and Giggles show. Fiona Walsh kept the show rolling. Fiona's one-woman show is Tuesday night at 7pm at Emerging Artists
Theater - 432 West 42nd Street, 4th floor.
She's got some industry coming and really need to fill the theater!


New Home For Chicks and Giggles

Official Press Release...
Chicks and Giggles will now be at Raga on 6th Street.
Our next shows will be Nov 9, and Dec 7.


Where You Can See the Chicks and Giggles All-Stars!

Chicks and Giggles Go Underground
The Funniest. Female. Comedy. Ever. Tuesday, October 5 at 8PM
I am delighted to invite to a VERY special episode of of Chicks and Giggles. We are proud to be part of the New York Underground Comedy Festival. We have a stelllar line-up set to make you snort, laugh and giggle. Starring: Carolyn Castiglia, Jessica Delfino, Erin Foley, Ellen Lloyd, Laura Mannino, Ann Design, Lisa Perlman,Jenny Rubin, Fiona Walsh. The Laugh Lounge is at 151 Essex Street between Rivington and Stanton Sts. Take the F to Delancey! Show is at 8PM. Admission: $10 with 2-drink minimum. Call the Laugh Lounge TODAY for reservations at 212.614.2500. See you soon!

Chicks and Giggles


Fey and Poehler

I am so jazzed about this, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are doing weekend update!

From the AP:

Live from New York -- it's two women on the "Weekend Update" desk.

"Saturday Night Live" has kicked off its new season with Amy Poehler sitting alongside Tina Fey on the fake news desk.

Poehler replaces Jimmy Fallon, who left the show after last season.

Her first joke poked fun at Sen. John Kerry's performance during last week's presidential debate -- saying Kerry scored points with voters by announcing he has one position on Iraq: that he's "forgainst it."

As Fey began her next joke, Poehler interjected by announcing, "That was my first joke!" -- and Fey led a round of cheers.

Maysoon Monsoon

I just heard about this Muslim female comic named Maysoon. Maysoon Zayid is co-founder of the annual Arab American Comedy Festival, being held this year Oct. 10-13th in New York City. Read the intereview here.