Leighann Lord

She is so damn funny... Why doesn't she have her own show?!

Leighann was our headliner, and she is hilarious!

Laura is Blessed

Laura will be hosting Chicks and Giggles on August 9.

Listen to Laura's set!



She's a fabulous and talented mom-to-be. Can Britney Spears say the same?

Carolyn's monologue is way funnier than Letterman


Let's keep this funny train rolling!

Next show: Tuesday, August 2
8:30 pm
433 East 6th Street (1st/A)

Featuring Fantastic Funnies from:

Vicky Bond (Brooklyn Comedy Co.)
Nikki Chawla (New York Comedy Club)
Claudia Cogan (Becky and Claudia's Supreme Offering)
Emily Epstein (Laugh Lounge)
Correne Kristiansen (Saturday Night Live)
Rachael Parenta ($1 Room)

And, back from her stint with the red-headed Partridge... Bex Schwartz! (VH1)

Carolyn Castiglia is hostin' it up per usual!

Just one question before I go: Why diet when you can come laugh your butt off? Huh?! SEE YOU THERE!

Jen Is Famous

So tell all your peeps...

AB Carney

AB has sass and sarcasm for your ass!

Chicks and Giggles: July 26

Jenny and Katina:funny, blonde and single


Your Chicks and Giggles Co-Producers

This picture was taken back when were both younger a wee bit thinner. At least Carolyn has the pregnancy to blame. I blame it on my healthy diet of nachos, cupcakes and margaritas.



The lovely lady Bex Schwartz is unable to join us tomorrow because she is in LA shooting something with Danny Bonaduce. Yes, that Danny Bonaduce. (We should have him on the show...)

So now, introducing, CHICKS AND GIGGLES - with added Stokination!

Join me, AB Carney, Katina Corrao, Jen Dziura, Leighann Lord, Laura Mannino, Jenny Rubin and LIANNE STOKES for hilarious hilarity ha-ha. 8:30. Raga. Tuesday, July 26. FREE!

Seacrest out.


Amanda Melson

Saturday's party
Originally uploaded by candiedyams.
Amanda's birthday party was Saturday and it was fun. Amanda is one of the writers and performers on the fabulous "SSIOWY" and she has performed at Chicks and Giggles.


Watch out! July 26 WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

Come check out our next show, Tuesday, July 26, 2005 @ 8:30 pm - RAGA - 433 East 6th Street between 1st and A. FREE as a bird, now...

AB CARNEY (producer, Still Standing, Manhattan Comedy Collective)
KATINA CORRAO (The Pearl Brunswick)
JEN DZIURA (producer, The Jenny Vaudeville Show)
LEIGHANN LORD (Comedy Central)
LAURA MANNINO (co-producer, Mintyfresh)
JENNY RUBIN (The Social)

Hosted by YOURS TRULY,


Fiona at the The Improv!

Before you check out Brutal Honesty on the 20th, why not stop by the Improv at 7 and see Fiona's set? For more info, visit the Improv's site.


July 20: Brutal Honesty

Chicks and Giggles Alums Giulia Rozzi, Lianne Stokes, and
Becky Yamamoto host a monthly show called "Brutal Honesty".
This months theme is "I will make you love me? Tales of obsessive crushes."

where: Otto's Shrunken Head (14th St btw A & B)
when:9 PM
cost: FREE!
Pete Olson
Tony Carnevale
Brandy Barber
Molly Anderson