Funny = MC2

Everyone's favorite perpetually nauseous, slightly neurotic former Christian of the Year Michael Cyril Creighton brings back an evening of subversive storytelling, comedy, music and performance. MCC shares the stage with some of the funniest women in New York. The humor is bound to make you blush at times, but you'll never feel guilty. God willing.

This month's guests include:

Pat Candaras (Grandmotherf***er & The Seducers)

Michelle Collins (Votergasm)

Lizzy Cooperman (Comic Strip)

Alexis Rehrmann (Readingground Magazine)

...and very special musical guest AT LEAST IT'S PINK (Bridget Everett & Kenny Mellman)

MCC (finally) Has His Way (with Women)... Again
Wednesday, October 5th
Galapagos Art Space
70 North 6 St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

50% of all proceeds will go to The Lupus Research Institute.

About The Lupus Research Institute:

Patients, their families, and top scientists established The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) in 1999 out of a sense of urgency to attack and defeat lupus, a disease that affects approximately 1.5 million Americans. LRI stands at the forefront of innovation in lupus research. The national nonprofit organization has raised millions in private sector funds—part of its Campaign for a Cure to back 42 novel research studies and grants that support talented investigators pursuing lupus research. The Institute backs bold, high-impact basic and clinical research studies grounded in sound deductive logic. LRI also invests in the future by recruiting, motivating, and supporting talented new investigators.

Rachael's Recap

Since Carolyn and I missed most of the show, I asked the verbose Rachael Parenta to give up a recap. Rachael's hosting was excellent, and the house was packed.


At 8:15 the downstairs at Raga had tumbleweed tumbling across the floor. And then the basement flooded with people. Some people took seats on the steps rather than miss this week's installment of Chicks.

Host Rachael Parenta kicked things off with her signature loud comedy. She also informed two chatty cathies that she was a ninja during the day. She even went so far as to do knuckle push-ups while telling jokes.

Laura Mannino kicked things off and gushed about "Extreme Makeover" and uttered one of the best lines of the night, "I have to drive my mom's cryogenically frozen head to work."

Laughing Liberally's Katie Halper told a story of a trip to Spain where food poisoning met an overnight train ride and where soul coughing met colon evacuation. She stands by her choice of shitting her pants while vomitting into the toilet instead of the other way around.

Mighty Afro Whitey (Robin Gelfenbien) mixed things up with her keyboard backed comedy. She really hit home with her hatred of office parties and utter contempt for the people who work in her office. Keep singing the truth sister!

Adrienne Iapalucci - who knew she was so funny? OK, obviously the producers of the show did - that's why they booked her. The crowd ate up her tale of not being let into the police academy. And thank god they didn't, now we get to see her do the stand-up.

Kelly Nichols - a tall drink of water - recounted some transit authority incompetence. "Officer, there's a man following me with his penis hanging out of his pants. 'What was he wearing Ma'am?' I don't remember but you might be able to identify him as he's the one with his penis hanging out of his pants."

Cara Amore made a porn with her husband which was really hot until...they watched it!

We closed out the evening with special musical guest Bari Koral who delighted the crowd with her amazing voice and well crafted songs. She plans on performing at more comedy shows because she's dated too many drummers.

Thanks all to who came and laughed!


Remember my Name!

Don't ask about the photo - I never have any idea - I think this is my fountain impression?...

I was talking about how this BBC reporter got all sensational with reporting on Hurricane Rita and he was like, "Remember her name." I was just waiting for this chorus of kids in leg warmers and belly shirts to run onto the screen singing the theme song to FAME. "She's gonna blow forever - light up the sky like a flame - HURRICANE!"

Talk about a jam-packed show last night, both with crowd and talent! Here's a nice little recap for ya:

Like a Virgin

Hey! Kai Ajaye was our first performer and our virgin Chick for the evening. She did a great job opening the show and was talking about getting out the black vote. She said she didn't have time to vote last week because she was home doing the Roger Rabbit. I wonder if "Vote or Roger Rabbit" would have been a better strategy for Puffy last fall?...

You Say You Want a Revolution

Well, you know, we all wanna change the world. And we all wanna be able to afford Whole Foods, Susannah Perlman, but sometimes Key Food is as good as it gets.

This is directly related to Claudia's conundrum below, but Susannah is Jewish and she looks Italian! How funny. Just goes to show people who like to eat all end up looking the same. And these girls are gorgeous!

p.s. - Susannah made it to the show a little bit late, so she had no idea my fabulous husband was the guy taking pictures. She said, "Who are you, Sweden? You gonna post these pictures of the unknowns on the internet? Some vacation." So I had to tell everyone Mark is not from Sweden, he's from Holland - their penises are much bigger. Nichelle then brought up the fact that I called it a "big Dutch wiener" last week in my piece for "Teacher's Pet." I'm not obsessed, just proud.

Mambo Italiano!

Poor Claudia Cogan and her ethnically ambiguous nose. Even her Dad thinks she's Jewish! She's really Italian - her nose is from Sicily. She's a little afraid of it, actually...

Oldies but Goodies

Lorca Morello was telling us about some guy who said "Hey, I bet this song was popular back in your day." She wouldn't have been so pissed if they weren't listening to Mozart...

Rock the Kasbah

...and the short fall jacket! This is Molly Reisner, looking all dapper in her new fall outfit! Maybe it's from H&M - where Kate Moss recently got the boot. Molly said, "They don't want to hire models who do drugs, so now they'll have to get someone who's naturally anorexic."

Under My Thumb

Well, more like on top of my thumb... Here's Carla Rhodes and her puppet Mick Jagger, who was a little drunk as usual. He kept falling off his chair. As did the crowd - with laughter!

Black Eyed Peas

Michelle Buteau rocked the mic, fresh off her Premium Blend taping! She told us all about her new b.f. the personal trainer who said, "I've never been attracted to a girl your size before." So she sat on his face. That's one way to shut a man up!

Blue Eyed Soul!

Adira Amram brought us home with her songs "Mortal Kombat," "Godverdomme" and "Wanna Make Out?" Adira's boyfriend is Dutch like my hubby Mark, which is why she graced us with "Godverdomme," sung entirely in Dutch, meaning "God Damn It!" (It's a love song...)

She said, "I never knew how much I liked having sex until I had a big Dutch wiener, and I've never called it a big Dutch wiener until right now."


Fest it Up!

In addition to great lineups on September 20th and 27th (see sidebar), we are so psyched about our October 4th New York Underground Comedy Festival show. We feel honored to be involved with the Fest for the second year in a row. Jim Mendrinos and George Sarris work their buns off to put on the biggest show in town - all over the 5 boroughs and for 8 days a week this year! Amazing.

Come check out these hilarious ladies Tuesday, October 4th at Raga:

Desiree Burch (SMUT)
Allison Castillo (Premium Blend)
Rachel Feinstein (Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival)
Laura Mannino (Mintyfresh)
Giulia Rozzi (Mortified)
Lianne Stokes (Brutal Honesty)

Hosted by Ophira Eisenberg (Premium Blend)

And check out the Festival's great website here!


Susannah is at Deep Dish this Weekend

Deep Dish Cabaret (DDC) is a show that I have enjoyed. It's a crazy mix of comedy, music and performance art. The lovely Susannah Perlman will be performing this Saturday at DDC.


Here's to the ladies who lunch...

Or sup, on comedy anyway. We had a lovely turnout for our Back-to-School Chicks and Giggles, "Teacher's Pet," where the comics read stories about crushes on their teachers. The tables were adorned with apples and candles, so aside from the 90 degree weather, it really felt like fall.

Nichelle, ma belle.

My co-producer Nichelle always shines behind the scenes, but tonight she got to shine on stage. She hosted and gave everyone great introductions using Haikus she wrote about them. She also gave us a quick story at the top about how she fell in love with the Irish football coach at her high school. He was the first of many an Irish lad in her life. Just how far in we'll never know...

A Perfect Sexteen Hundred...

...was the title of Jen's tale - originally written as part of a book she's in the process of publishing. Jen teaches SAT prep to high school kids, and so was inspired to write this story about a male SAT Prep teacher who ends up sleeping with a high schooler - unbeknownst to him. She said the last time she read this story, everyone though the protagonist was a lesbian, until page 3 when "she" got an erection.

Young Jodi

Jodi Young told a story about having a crush on her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Morrison, who corrected a love letter she wrote her in red pencil. Ouch! Like Jen, Jodi's story wasn't sapphic, either - she just wanted a new mom.


Everyone had a great time... even Cherokee Gumby!

I hosted Chicks last night for the first time in a few weeks since I've been busy with Anathemaville - and boy - what a great welcome back! The comics were hilarious, the audience was great - and we finally have some new art on the walls! Cherokee Gumby was referenced many times during the evening, proving the old adage true, "Comedy imitates art."

Breaking up is hard to do...

But Jen knows now it's easier to do on an Excel spreadsheet. Except when you have to figure out where to type in "Don't ever speak to me again."

Shannon won't do stand up...

...unless she can sit down. She votes we rename Katrina Hurricane Courtney Love. Any takers?

Abby wants to remain anonymous...

So all I'll say about her is that she knows how to make Crystal Meth. That's not too telling, right?

Kelli is so sweet...

...and innocent, she shook hands with the Mayor of P-Town covered in lube. She says she thought it was hand sanitizer. The jury's still out on that one...

Mama Jane's on the prowl!

Jane Condon traded her pussy for a Lexus. She said it. I swear. Watch out, CT!

"There's no oops in sticking your d*ck up my a**!"

Desiree can't stand boys who pretend they want to go to the "Opera House" and then end up back at the "Circus." There's no crying in baseball, and there are no accidents in love-making.

Jonathan loves Chicks!

Comic Jonathan Powley came out to show the love last night and he had a mad crush on Desiree - who kinda looks like she just "did it," doesn't she? And by "it" I mean tore down the house, y'all!