Two Words To Describe Each Performer

Um, can you say packed? I can't, cuz there's not enough room in here for me to say it that's how packed the show was tonight. Here are two words to describe each fabulous performer:
Becky Yamamoto - Historical Fantasy.
Catie Lazarus - Father Fucker.
Lianne Stokes - "I Did."
Jacqueline Novak - Register First.
Anne Altman - Fun Variety.
If you weren't there you can't appreciate the genius of these women and their two word tags, so next time, grow up and show up before I throw up, okay?!*
*That article of immaturity brought to you by our Sept. 5th back-to-school show, "Class Clowns and Teacher's Pets."

Men Won't Watch This

'Men Won't Watch This'...the trailer!

Check out this hilarious video starring Michelle Buteau, Ann Carr, Becky Donohue, Kimmy Gatewood, and other Chicks and Giggles alums.


Chicks And Giggles on ABC

"Chicks Love Rejection" was a smashing success, and was to our great fortune featured on the ABC Nightly News with Charles Gibson! Take a look:

Many thanks to Jon Friedman for his stellar-ness.



Spiegeltent Recap

Despite a noisy AC, the show at the Spiegeltent was a great success. The venue is so beautiful, the technicians very talented and the beer readily available. You should definitely try to check out another show before the circus leaves town in September...

The show also featured fantastic stand-up from Michelle Buteau, Rachel Feinstein and Jess Wood. Once again, I enjoyed the shit out of rapping up the show freestyle with Miss Adira droppin' the beats. Thank you to everyone who showed Spiegelove!


Chock Full O' Nuts

We had two fantastic shows this week, the first on Tuesday with these lovely ladies:

Plus Michelle Collins, who we were unable to photograph as a result of her recent enrollment in the witness protection program due to a scuffle with some neighborhood kids who were dissing Celine Dion. You dis Celine, you get a beating like you've never seen!

COMICS DOING COVERS on Wednesday was hilarious - and though we don't have photos, we did shoot the show with two - count 'em - two cameras! Hopefully we can post a clip on You Tube or something soon.

Thanks to Ann Carr, Katina Corrao, Jessica Delfino, Lang Fisher, Josh Grosvent, Shawn Hollenbach, Matt McCarthy, Sara Schaefer, Baron Vaughn and Becky Yamamoto for gracing the stage!