Birthday Fun

Birthday Party on Saturday was a blast! See pictures here!

Jessy Delfino's Open Mic

Jessy Delfino is doing an open mic starting November 28.

From her blog....
I'm going to be starting a new open mic. It's every Sunday night at 7 pm at APOCALYPSE LOUNGE which is between B and C on E. 3rd St. It's starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It's going to be called "All You Can Eat" Open Mic and it's going to be free. Sign up, first come, first serve. I might have real, actual judges. I'm not sure yet. I might just have designated hecklers. I don't believe that open mics should be soft and caring. Maybe it's because MINE weren't, god dammit, but I think it's because I TRULY BELIEVE that being coddled doesn't help anyone.


You Say It's Your Birthday...Next Week

Carolyn and Nichelle are having a party...Tonight at Raga! We celebrate our birthdays a week early to get as many gifts before we get all "carb-face" at Thanksgiving. Many comics should be in attendance.


Comedy Juice at Boston

Comedy Juice that is!! This Wednesday join Betsy Wise and Shauna Lane in
the show that's got everybody drinking!! It's cold out and we're
hoooooottt! Come join other steamy comedians as we heat up The Boston
Comedy Club on November 17th........

Wednesday November 17th @ 8:00 p.m.
The Boston Comedy Club
82 West 3rd St. (between Thompson & Sullivan)
Comedy Juice - hosted by the always sexy Ms. Betsy Wise & starring:

Danny Cohen (Premium Blend and The Chappelle Show)

Becky Donohue (Premium Blend and an amazing Milk Commercial)

Margot B. Leitman (From the sweet sketch group MEAT)

Jeff Mac (Comedy Central and VH1)

Ms. Hickory Thickett (Spokes model Professor Extraordinaire!!!)

Kurt Ludwig (MTV and The History Channel)

Jeff Cirilly (Carolines On Broadway)

Amy Pechinko (From the film Amistad)

All this for just $4.00 and a two drink minimum!!


Claudia Cogan's Gothamist Interview

My good buddy Rachel and I arm-wrestled to figure who was going to the lucky one to interview our funny friend, Claudia Cogan. She won and here's the interview.

Claudia has a brand spanking new site up, and she's got gigs all week long.


A Very Special Chicks & Giggles show.

Holidays, Family, WTF?! Posted by Hello

This just in...a very special storytelling Chicks and Giggles show.

AB Carney
Jessica Delfino
Lynn Harris
Liz Maher
Margot Leitman
Giulia Rozzi
Lianne Stokes
Becky Yamamoto

Where! Raga, 433 East 6th Street between 1st and Avenue A
When! December 7, 8:30PM
Whoa! NO Cover, two-drink minimum
Why! Because we could, silly...


Stupid Foreigners...Giulia's Show

Why is Giulia Rozzi so stupid?
Why is Giulia Rozzi's family so stupid?
Why can't Giulia Rozzi answer these stupid questions herself?
Well, maybe that's the problem...

"Stupid Foreigners"
Giulia Rozzi's one person show

November 22, 9:30pm
at the UCB Theatre, 307 26th St ( at 8th Ave)
Tickets are $5
To make reservations call 212-366-9176

Family, Holidays, WTF?

The December Chicks and Giggles will at our new home Raga (433 East 6th St).
It will be December 7 at 8:30PM. Come early to enjoy dinner upstairs.
NO cover for the show, with 2-drink min.

The December show will be more of a storytelling show. The theme
will be "Family, Holidays, WTF?"


Michelle Buteau looks sweet and innocent, but looks are deceiving... Posted by Hello

Correne may have lost on a reality show,but she's a winner at C&G! Posted by Hello

From Correne
Hey Nichelle - Love the pics! Thanks again for inviting me to perform
last night. What a great room, great crowd and great group of girls. I
had a blast. I'll be sure to check out the December show and support
the room. Also, I'd love to come back and perform again anytime you'll
have me.

Michelle Maclay with jazz hands... Posted by Hello

I like the pics, red background and all.
I had a blast last night hosting. thanks to all of the comics for being damn funny!

come check out the comedy social any wednesday night... www.comedysocial.com
from Michelle

Carolyn Castiglia gots street cred! Posted by Hello

Christina McGrath is a comedy diva Posted by Hello

Claudia Cogan...she's a pistol and carries a Glock. Posted by Hello

Giulia Rozzi...she's bella and a barrel of laughs Posted by Hello

Ophira Eisenberg is "O" so funny! Posted by Hello


Chicks and Giggles show, Tomorrow

The line-up has swelled to include Carolyn Castiglia and Christina McGrath. It's gonna be a great show at our new home, Raga. Come out Tuesday, November 9!

Update: Michelle Buteau as well!