Chicks and Giggles Alumni

This is the list of the fabulously funny women who have performed at Chicks and Giggles: Michelle Buteau, AB Carney, Ana Carolina,Carolyn Castiglia, Nikki Chawla, Gayle Crispin, Claudia Cogan, Katina Corrao, Jessica Delfino, Ophira Eisenberg, Erin Foley, Robin Fox, Andrea Hancock, Lynn Harris, Correne Kristiansen, Catie Lazarus, Margot Leitman, Ellen Lloyd, Laura Mannino, Michelle Maclay, Liz Maher, Amy Mahfouz, Faux Maux, Christina McGrath, Veronica Mosey, Chelsea Peretti, Lisa Perlman, Susannah Perlman, Molly Reisner, Abby Rosin, Jenny Rubin, Giulia Rozzi, Tasha Space, Lianne Stokes, Jill Twiss, Fiona Walsh, Maureen White, Becky Yamamoto, Jodi Young.

The next show will be extra special. We’ll celebrate Mardi Gras with wine, women and song. On Tuesday February 8, we’ll laugh as the talented Chicks and Giggles amaze you with their comedic stylings. When: Tuesday, February 8 Where: Raga (433 East 6th St. between 1st and Avenue A) Phone Number of Venue: 212.388.0957 Performers to include: AB Carney, Carolyn Castiglia, Shannon Ennis, Jen Kirwin, Carmen Lynch, Kelly Nichols, Rena Zager.

Special guest: Singer/Songwriter: Bayne Gibby


Correne on SNL

News from Chicks and Giggles alum, Correne.

Just wanted to let you know, first, that, thanks to last week's audition and my ability to fit some generic demographic, I will be appearing as an extra in this week's episode of SNL!! So everyone please tivo me and keep an eye out for my elbow or ear, because it may just be appearing in the far upper corner of your screen. (Thanks again to those who came.)

Second, and even more importantly, I have an audition for the owners of Stand Up New York on Monday, January 31. If I "pass" the audition, I will be part of the roster of regularly performing comics at the club. While I don't need to bring people, it would be really nice to have some friendly faces in the audience -- plus, the bigger the crowd, the louder the laughs. So, if you can make it to the show, I'll be your best friend (or, at least, a very good friend).

Here are the details:
When: Monday, January 31st at 9 pm
Where: Stand Up New York, 236 West 78th Street, right off Broadway,
How much: $12 cover plus two drink minimum
RSVP: (212) 595-0850

This show will also feature professional comics, including Cory Kahaney from Last Comic Standing.


Goddess & Ophira Make Nice

This Monday...Clear your calendar and come to this wonderful benefit for the Tsunami.
Chicks and Giggles alums Goddess Perlman and Ophira Eisenberg will perform.
Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad returns to the Cutting Room for an encore performance to benefit the Tsunami Relief Effort in Asia. Jokes will be flung, songs will be sung and even the audience gets in on the act. Come see the little show everyone is talking for a good cause.

January 10th @8pm
19 W. 24th St. (btwn 5th-6th)
Ticket:$10 plus $10 food/drink

It's a night of comedy, music and burlesque, told by the gals who learned to smoke at Hebrew School, got drunk at their Bat-Mitzvahs and would rather have more schtuppa than the chupah. These badass chosen chicks boldly dare to deconstruct years of tradition, expectations and guilt in a fast-paced vaudeville extravaganza, complete with kick lines, punch lines and a rendition of "L'chaim" with a fist in the mouth. This ain't yo' mama's "Fiddler". [If Harvey came, then maybe...]

The Chicks In the Hall

Don't miss the February 8th Chicks and Giggles. We will have two alums from "Last Comic Standing" Carmen Lynch and Jen Kirwin. Kelly Nichols who I met at Michelle Buteau's Christmas party will perform and the funny AB Carney. Also fresh from her set in Amsterdam, Carolyn will be back in town. Plus the musical guest Bayne Gibby.

Musical Guest: Bayne Gibby

We got Bayne! Bayne Gibby will be performing on the Feb 8th show. Bayne has performed at the PIT, Cutting Room.

Bayne Gibby is a singer/songwriter with some of the funniest, most musical songs you've ever heard.


Chicks and Giggles Goes Bi!

Bi-monthly, that is....

Newsflash for Chicks and Giggles….Starting in February, the show will be bi-monthly. You can catch it February 8 and 22 @Raga
Confirmed so far for February 8: Carmen Lynch, Kelly Nichols.

Last night's show was great, pictures up later!


Chicks and Giggles Resolutions

I am SO not a comedian. I am saying this because I am MCing Chicks and Giggles tomorrow and I was considering writing a few jokes for the occasion. But comedy is a craft and I will leave it to the pros: Correne Kristensen, Katina Corrao, Shannon Ennis, Robin Fox, Goddess Perlman, Jenny Rubin, Lianne Stokes and Jodi Young.

In the meantime, I wrote a top Ten List of Things That Chicks and Giggles Chicks Will Resolve Not to Do in 2005:
Chicks will not jump into the crowd and punch an audience member in the face (a la Ron Artest) because they were heckled.
Chicks will not make a sex tape with either Rick Salomon or R. Kelly.
Chicks will NOT be "that into you" (Sorry guys).
Chicks will not wear a "MILF in Training" T-shirt because Britney Spears has already cornered the market.
Chicks will not kiss another frog...unless he's French or Italian.
Chicks will not wear UGGs, ponchos, or anything else that make you look like an eskimo's grandma.
Chicks will not audition for The Apprentice because they are either scared of the Donald's hair or the crazy bitches that always seem to make the cut [e.g. Omarosa, Stacie J., Ivana]
Chicks will not drink tequila ever again... well until Cinco de Mayo.
Chicks will not tell jokes about their ex-boyfriend's shortcomings. [yeah, right]
Chicks will not come out with their designer perfume called Eau di Giggle. [they can't all be funny, kids!]