And speakin' of Poppi...

She's no longer at max capacity, because she just finished her role as the rep from NJ on this season of NBC's THE BIGGEST LOSER. Check out the premiere on SEPTEMBER 20 at 9pm.

Poppi, you're the coolest loser we know!

Come see how great she looks and give her a slap on her newly thin ass on August 15th @ 8 pm ~ Mo Pitkin's ~ 34 Ave. A.


No, we're not getting married. We want you to come see this!

PRESENTS Chicks & Giggles
Sizzling comedy by the choicest female stand-ups in the city.
Coming off of the fabulous success of their 2005-2006 season Performance Space 122 continues their thought-provoking and adventurous programming with a Summer Season at Spiegeltent featuring the comedy collective Chicks and Giggles on Monday, August 14th at 10PM . Produced by Nichelle Stephens and Carolyn Castiglia, Chicks and Giggles is downtown’s edgiest and most off-the-wall all-girl comedy variety show. August 14th line-up features Michelle Buteau, Rachel Feinstein & Jess Wood with music from Adira Amram, Mindy Raf & Free to be Friends. Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia.
Chicks & Giggles performs Monday, August 14th @ 10pm at Spiegeltent (Fulton Fish Market, Pier 17, South Street Seaport). Tickets are $15 or $10 for P.S. 122 members and may be purchased by calling Spiegeltent at 212-279-4200 (open 12-8 Daily) or online at http://www.spiegelworld.com/.


Max Capacity

Our good friend Poppi Kramer has taught us a lot about what it means to be at max capacity, which is good, because now I know that little Sadie's Lounge has reached it! Our audience is so full week after week that we are gonna have to start turning people away at the door. (Or charging... *a-hem*.)

Another fantastic show from Robin Cloud, Michele Colyn, Katina Corrao, Joselyn Hughes, Maggie Lauren, Giulia Rozzi and Jacquetta Szathmari. Thanks to everyone who came out! You guys were such an amazing crowd. See you next Tuesday!


Heather Fink @ Last Week's Chicks and Giggles Show

Heather Fink, gay p@rn publicist and comedian, did Chicks last Tuesday. She also hosts Hoboken Comedy Night at The Goldhawk (10th and Park Ave in Hoboken, New Jersey).

Video: Sara Schaefer and Lang Fisher

To get in the mood of our upcoming show, Comics Doing Covers, here's a clip of Sara Schaefer and Lang Fisher. These funny ladies have both performed on our show in the past and they are hilarious!


What you missed...

Or didn't, since as usual the room was packed! Here's the photo recap:

Me and my volunteers reinacting a conversation I had at Starbucks with a perky young Southern tourist and a Hipster-ish dude about the location of the nearest Hooters.

Mandy "Yeah right he's just not that into me" Stadtmiller

Becky "He's just not that into you if he moves to LA and says *Don't Call*" Ciletti

Heather "No longer phased by her boss' penis" Fink

Val "The Venison Lover" Kappa

Jess "Flipper Flicker" Wood

Kristin "I'm a real musician" Plater

Buy her CD! She's amazing.

A big shout to the 14-year-old who was in the front row, and our resident pedophile, Matt, who was (and still is) just a few seats away...

See you next week, y'all!


Anything But Stand-up Show

From *Anything But Stand-Up*
People ask us all the time how we put on such an amazing show. It's simple. There are two rules that must be followed each and every Tuesday.

Get kick-ass performers:

Put the party people in the house:

That's it, suckas!


July 11: Cupcakes and Comedy

Chicks and Giggles will be back after the holiday week with sweetness as we will have cupcakes at this Tuesday's show. There will be yummy mini-cupcakes for the audience while supplies last.

Plus there will be fantastic comedy on our special show, "Anything But Stand-Up."

JULY 11, 2006 @ 8 PM
34 AVE. A (2ND/3RD)

Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia (She's A White Hot Rapper)

Brandy Barber (The Kissing Booth)

Julie Klausner and Sue Galloway (Free to be Friends)

Carla Rhodes (Master of the Ventriloquilistic Arts)

Goddess Perlman (Goddess, duh.)

Mindy Raf (Leibya Rogers)

Robin Gelfenbien (Funny, funny songstress)

Thanks to Max Delivery and Sugar Sweet Sunshine for the cupcakes!