Start Off '05 With a Bang and a Laugh

Funny, funky female comedy....

Tuesday, January 4 at Raga (433 East 6th Street between 6th and Avenue A) at 8:30 PM

Line-up: Correne Kristensen, Robin Fox, Jenny Rubin, Katina Corrao, Goddess Perlman and Jody Young.

No cover: fun show... start the new year off with a bang and a laugh!


Minty Fresh Benefit

MINTYFRESH returns to The Duplex for two nights: Mon, Dec 6 at 7PM and Tues, Dec 7 at 9:30 PM. We have a line- up of our Mintyfresh regulars and ofcourse...THE WHEEL! Ticket sales for both shows will be donated to The American Cancer Society in honor of Mary Hollenbach. Visit www.mintyfreshcomedy.com for more info. We hope you can join us to laugh and support a great cause! Remember to call in advance for reservations. Thank you so much for all your support! Love, Laura

Mintyfresh. Fresh new taste. Fresh new comics.
Monday, December 6 @ 7PM
Tuesday, December 7 @ 9:30 PM
The Duplex
61 Christopher Street @ 7th Ave
For reservations: 212-255-5438
$5 + 2 drink min
cash only
1/9 to Christopher Street

Monday, Dec 6 -- Michelle Buteau, Ben Chaney, Matt McCarthy, James O'Shea, Jen Scanlin, Wendy Sharbutt, Allen Warnock, Drew Wininger, Billy Wood, and Becky Yamamoto.
Tuesday, Dec 7-- Carolyn Castiglia, Wes Connelly, Katina Corrao, Michelle Maclay, Laura Mannino, Kevin Murphy, Jenny Rubin, and Theron Steiner.
Both nights hosted by Shawn Hollenbach

Collective Unconscious

If you have an idea or show you want to put on...

Sunday December 5
Come to propose an event, inquire about booking events, or inquire about
getting involved.
6PM, Free. It's a meeting. For more info on booking events at Collective:
Unconscious, go to www.weird.org.


Welcome To Our Week

Welcome To Our Week hosted by Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein is every Thursday at Riffifi.

This week, Jane Borden will be performing. Jane does the comedy listing for Time Out New York.


Birthday Fun

Birthday Party on Saturday was a blast! See pictures here!

Jessy Delfino's Open Mic

Jessy Delfino is doing an open mic starting November 28.

From her blog....
I'm going to be starting a new open mic. It's every Sunday night at 7 pm at APOCALYPSE LOUNGE which is between B and C on E. 3rd St. It's starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It's going to be called "All You Can Eat" Open Mic and it's going to be free. Sign up, first come, first serve. I might have real, actual judges. I'm not sure yet. I might just have designated hecklers. I don't believe that open mics should be soft and caring. Maybe it's because MINE weren't, god dammit, but I think it's because I TRULY BELIEVE that being coddled doesn't help anyone.


You Say It's Your Birthday...Next Week

Carolyn and Nichelle are having a party...Tonight at Raga! We celebrate our birthdays a week early to get as many gifts before we get all "carb-face" at Thanksgiving. Many comics should be in attendance.


Comedy Juice at Boston

Comedy Juice that is!! This Wednesday join Betsy Wise and Shauna Lane in
the show that's got everybody drinking!! It's cold out and we're
hoooooottt! Come join other steamy comedians as we heat up The Boston
Comedy Club on November 17th........

Wednesday November 17th @ 8:00 p.m.
The Boston Comedy Club
82 West 3rd St. (between Thompson & Sullivan)
Comedy Juice - hosted by the always sexy Ms. Betsy Wise & starring:

Danny Cohen (Premium Blend and The Chappelle Show)

Becky Donohue (Premium Blend and an amazing Milk Commercial)

Margot B. Leitman (From the sweet sketch group MEAT)

Jeff Mac (Comedy Central and VH1)

Ms. Hickory Thickett (Spokes model Professor Extraordinaire!!!)

Kurt Ludwig (MTV and The History Channel)

Jeff Cirilly (Carolines On Broadway)

Amy Pechinko (From the film Amistad)

All this for just $4.00 and a two drink minimum!!


Claudia Cogan's Gothamist Interview

My good buddy Rachel and I arm-wrestled to figure who was going to the lucky one to interview our funny friend, Claudia Cogan. She won and here's the interview.

Claudia has a brand spanking new site up, and she's got gigs all week long.


A Very Special Chicks & Giggles show.

Holidays, Family, WTF?! Posted by Hello

This just in...a very special storytelling Chicks and Giggles show.

AB Carney
Jessica Delfino
Lynn Harris
Liz Maher
Margot Leitman
Giulia Rozzi
Lianne Stokes
Becky Yamamoto

Where! Raga, 433 East 6th Street between 1st and Avenue A
When! December 7, 8:30PM
Whoa! NO Cover, two-drink minimum
Why! Because we could, silly...


Stupid Foreigners...Giulia's Show

Why is Giulia Rozzi so stupid?
Why is Giulia Rozzi's family so stupid?
Why can't Giulia Rozzi answer these stupid questions herself?
Well, maybe that's the problem...

"Stupid Foreigners"
Giulia Rozzi's one person show

November 22, 9:30pm
at the UCB Theatre, 307 26th St ( at 8th Ave)
Tickets are $5
To make reservations call 212-366-9176

Family, Holidays, WTF?

The December Chicks and Giggles will at our new home Raga (433 East 6th St).
It will be December 7 at 8:30PM. Come early to enjoy dinner upstairs.
NO cover for the show, with 2-drink min.

The December show will be more of a storytelling show. The theme
will be "Family, Holidays, WTF?"


Michelle Buteau looks sweet and innocent, but looks are deceiving... Posted by Hello

Correne may have lost on a reality show,but she's a winner at C&G! Posted by Hello

From Correne
Hey Nichelle - Love the pics! Thanks again for inviting me to perform
last night. What a great room, great crowd and great group of girls. I
had a blast. I'll be sure to check out the December show and support
the room. Also, I'd love to come back and perform again anytime you'll
have me.

Michelle Maclay with jazz hands... Posted by Hello

I like the pics, red background and all.
I had a blast last night hosting. thanks to all of the comics for being damn funny!

come check out the comedy social any wednesday night... www.comedysocial.com
from Michelle

Carolyn Castiglia gots street cred! Posted by Hello

Christina McGrath is a comedy diva Posted by Hello

Claudia Cogan...she's a pistol and carries a Glock. Posted by Hello

Giulia Rozzi...she's bella and a barrel of laughs Posted by Hello

Ophira Eisenberg is "O" so funny! Posted by Hello


Chicks and Giggles show, Tomorrow

The line-up has swelled to include Carolyn Castiglia and Christina McGrath. It's gonna be a great show at our new home, Raga. Come out Tuesday, November 9!

Update: Michelle Buteau as well!


Next Chicks and Giggles is November 9

It is new and improved and less expensive. NO Cover+ 2 drink minimum. The Chicks and Giggles show will now be at Raga on East 6th Street (between 1st and Avenue A). The lineup includes Claudia Cogan, Giulia Rozzi, Ophira Eisenberg, Correne Kristiansen, Jody Young and Michelle Maclay.

Female Comedians?

I started a google alert on "female comedians" and so far, I got nothing to share with you. Hopefully this site will make up for that.

Ladyfest starts this Thursday and there will be a Comedienne Show on Saturday.

I only wish I heard about it sooner so that there would be more "Chicks and Giggles" alums there. Good going C&G alum Chelsea Peretti.


Jessica Delfino takes no crap! Posted by Hello

Jenny Rubin (AKA Rube) strikes a pose! Posted by Hello

Erin Foley...funny is as funny does! Posted by Hello

Carolyn...comedy hair! Posted by Hello

Lisa Pearlman---the Jewish Diana Ross. Posted by Hello

Ellen Lloyd doing her English accent. Posted by Hello

Laura Mannino started the show with a bang! Posted by Hello

Chicks Pix

Fiona Walsh was our fabulous MC. Posted by Hello

Finally, here are the pictures from last week's Chicks and Giggles show. Fiona Walsh kept the show rolling. Fiona's one-woman show is Tuesday night at 7pm at Emerging Artists
Theater - 432 West 42nd Street, 4th floor.
She's got some industry coming and really need to fill the theater!


New Home For Chicks and Giggles

Official Press Release...
Chicks and Giggles will now be at Raga on 6th Street.
Our next shows will be Nov 9, and Dec 7.


Where You Can See the Chicks and Giggles All-Stars!

Chicks and Giggles Go Underground
The Funniest. Female. Comedy. Ever. Tuesday, October 5 at 8PM
I am delighted to invite to a VERY special episode of of Chicks and Giggles. We are proud to be part of the New York Underground Comedy Festival. We have a stelllar line-up set to make you snort, laugh and giggle. Starring: Carolyn Castiglia, Jessica Delfino, Erin Foley, Ellen Lloyd, Laura Mannino, Ann Design, Lisa Perlman,Jenny Rubin, Fiona Walsh. The Laugh Lounge is at 151 Essex Street between Rivington and Stanton Sts. Take the F to Delancey! Show is at 8PM. Admission: $10 with 2-drink minimum. Call the Laugh Lounge TODAY for reservations at 212.614.2500. See you soon!

Chicks and Giggles


Fey and Poehler

I am so jazzed about this, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are doing weekend update!

From the AP:

Live from New York -- it's two women on the "Weekend Update" desk.

"Saturday Night Live" has kicked off its new season with Amy Poehler sitting alongside Tina Fey on the fake news desk.

Poehler replaces Jimmy Fallon, who left the show after last season.

Her first joke poked fun at Sen. John Kerry's performance during last week's presidential debate -- saying Kerry scored points with voters by announcing he has one position on Iraq: that he's "forgainst it."

As Fey began her next joke, Poehler interjected by announcing, "That was my first joke!" -- and Fey led a round of cheers.

Maysoon Monsoon

I just heard about this Muslim female comic named Maysoon. Maysoon Zayid is co-founder of the annual Arab American Comedy Festival, being held this year Oct. 10-13th in New York City. Read the intereview here.


Are You There Judy Blume, It's Me and Ellen Lloyd!


Chicks and Giggle All-Star Ellen Lloyd and I went to the Judy Blume Reading series at Fez this past Tuesday. It was great!
Greg Gilderman and Miriam Parker produced an encore of the Judy Blume Reading Series. Judy Blume was there in attendance, and she truly enjoyed a lively tribute to her work. Lynn Harris read a hilarious piece celebrating the 25th anniversary of HER menstruation. The crowd roared as she wondered out loud that she should be given a “silver tampon” to mark the milestone. Mary Purdy’s piece was a story of patience, since she waited all through adolescence to get some righteous ta-tas. Miriam Parker read her gracious piece that shows that letter writing etiquette could easily be foiled by a seemingly innocent phrase. For more of my recap, check out the post at Nichelle Newsletter.


What's so funny?...

"Carolyn Castiglia - Undiscovered Superstar" - that's what! Since you're in the habit of reading blogs, why don't you surf on over to www.carolyncastiglia.blogspot.com for some hearty laughs, literary style.

My friend and fellow C&G'er "The Rube" also has a bundle of wordy chuckles on Ye Olde Blogger - check it out at www.jennyrubin.blogspot.com.

That's it for now! See you on the flip side Fother Muckers!
The "Crazy and Sassy" Carolyn Castiglia


Hi! MINTYFRESH will be part of this year's New York Underground Festival. We're raising money for the festival's official charity, Operation: Phone Home for the Holidays. It's a great show and we're excited to return to The Duplex, our first home. Below are the details. Thanks!!

Mintyfresh. Fresh new taste. Fresh new comics.
Saturday, October 9 @ 9:30 PM
The Duplex
61 Christopher Street @ 7th Ave
$5 cover plus 2 drink min
for reservations: 212-255-5438 (*RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED)
featuring Carloyn Castiglia, Ben Chaney, Wes Connelly, Shawn Hollenbach, Michelle Maclay, Laura Mannino, Kevin Murphy, James O'Shea, Jenny Rubin, Tasha Space, Allen Warnock and...


All the info you want about "The Comedy Social: Brooklyn"

The Comedy Social is expanding to Williamsburg! Not only will this be the premiere show at The Blu Lounge, it will also be part of the New York Underground Festival! On behalf of the producers of "The Comedy Social," we hope you can come and support this show and spread "The Comedy Social" word. Thanks!!! PS: Remember "Mintyfresh" at The Duplex on Sat, Oct 9 @ 9:30 PM. www.mintyfreshcomedy.com.

The Comedy Social: Brooklyn
part of The New York Underground Comedy Festival
Monday, October 4 @ 8:30 PM
The Blu Lounge
197 North 8th Street @ Driggs Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
take the "L" to Bedford Avenue, exit N. 7th and Driggs
$5 cover



Chicks and Giggles show

The Chicks and Giggles show is a week from Tuesday. It will feature the funniest females in New York. This show is extra important as it is a part of the New york Underground Comedy Festival.

the line-up:
Carolyn Castiglia
Ann Design
Jessica Delfino
Ellen Lloyd
Laura Mannino
Jenny Rubin
Fiona Walsh

Where: the Laugh Lounge, 151 Essex Street
How much? 10 with 2 drink min
When: 8PM


Saturday, Claudia and I went to see "A Dirty Shame" and I sent a review into Remy at Gawker.

"A Dirty Shame" is my new favorite cult film. It's a
laugh riot for anyone who has a proclivity for depravity! All of the
jokes I got and laugh loudly. John Waters is a gifted director
because he created a movie that is a great caricature of America's
obsession with sex. It was interesting to see that all the sex acts
that were considered offensive did not involved intercourse. That's
the problem with most Americans is that everyone still is stuck with
the Puritanical belief that sex in confined to intercourse between a
man and a woman. The truth is sex is anything that gets you off.
Anyway, I applud John Waters for glorifying women getting "serviced".
I am encouraging my friends to go out and see it, so that some of the
lines, "Let's Go Sexing","I'm a cunnilingus bottom" and "NEUTERs" will
soon be pop culture catchphrases!

I Before U Is the Way To Spell It

I have misspelled Giulia's name a few times before, so I wanted to make sure I got it right. The very funny Giulia Rozzi is curating a funny and more importantly FREE show this Wednesday, September 29. It's called Comedy Rocks!

Lucky Cat 245 Grand Ave. (Btw Bedford & Driggs in Williamsburg)

The line-up:
Mike Capozolla, Claudia Cogan, Jon Friedman, Rich Zeroth, Giulia Rozzi, and The Hazzard.


Comedy Social Comes To Billyburg

The Comedy Social is coming to Brooklyn for the New York Underground Comedy Festival

Monday, October 4, time TBA
The Blu Lounge
197 N. 8th Street at Driggs Avenue
Williamsburg, Bklyn
more info to come!


Jen Kirwin Knows Brooklyn

I just received an email from Jen Kirwin this afternoon.
Hey Everyone.

Here's another last minute show I'm doing tomorrow nite. It's in Billyburg and I've never performed there before. Oh, what shall i wear? Willamsburg intimadates me.

Check out bizzaro flier that's attatched. Hope to see you there!

When I opened up the flier, I see that the show is at Southpaw in Park Slope. Jen can wear her Birkenstocks and jeans with no worries in Park Slope!

Anyway, there's comedy Wednesday night at Southpaw with Jen, Becky Donahue and some other dudes.

Michelle's Being More Social

So Michelle Maclay is performing in a new stand up room. She Would love it if you could come and support. This is not a bringer so don't need ya just want ya! No admission or drink minimum and the food is good.
Come check it out to see if it would be a good spot for you to perform as well.

Friday's 8:00 show at Jack Demsey's, 36 W. 33rd St. b/w 5th and 6th.

The Line-up:
MC Tim Krompier
Anthony DeVito
Todd Levin
Blaine Perry
Joe DeVito
Michelle Maclay


Mean Girls and Bullies

Tuesday, September 21,the WYSIWYG Talent Show goes back to school to relive the horrible memories of those stuck-up mean girls and the bullies who stole your lunch money or gave you wedgies. Bloggers will be reading their funny and tragic stories of "their so-called life"!

Chicks and Giggles All-Star Jessy Delfino will be one the readers featured.
Mike Daisey (mikedaisey.com)
Rachel Kramer Bussel (lustylady.blogspot.com)
Glenn B. (glennalicious.org)
Standard Deviance (standard-deviance.com)
José Ralat Maldonado (leftfieldlengua.blogspot.com)
Emily Gould (universalreview.com)
Jessica Delfino (jessydelfino.blogspot.com)

Tuesday, September 21, at 7:30 p.m. at P.S. 122
150 1st Ave. at East 9th St $7

After party at Open Air on St. Mark's Place

Socialize with Comedy Social this Wednesday

Comedy Social
Comedy Social is an ever changing hybrid of stand up, improv, sketch, and audience participation. Always fun always positive always makes your Wednesday easier because you came!

September 22nd
Jen Scanlin hosts Andy Campbell, Billy Wood, Christine Haraburda, HP, Theron Steiner, Jim Mendrinos, Allen Warnock and You (if you wanna).

Socializing starts at 8:30
Show at 9pm
$2 Cover 2 Drink Minimum

Sin Sin Lounge
5th Street and 2nd Avenue
F, V, to 2nd Ave
R, W to 8th Street

The Lip Balm Is The Bomb


For each show, I bring lip balm to the comedians as a token of my appreciation for performing. Erin Foley always gets a kick of out the lip balm. The show was great, and I plan to bring some of the comics back for future shows.