Susannah and Susie

Who says comedy can't be fashionable!

Susie Is Up To Something

Susie is planning something evil while Ophira smiles innocently. Canadians are so nice!

Funny Chicks, Loads of Giggles

Leighann, Karith and Ophira are the new Destiny's Child. [I don't think you're ready for this jelly]


Funny and Cute and Adorable - Oh My!

Oh the hilarity! So many awesome ladies on last night's show. Where to begin?!

Comedy? Lamaze? Comedaze! Hosting has never made me so sore...

Giulia wants to always be cute - even if it means putting nipples on her stomach. (Or "Nips on her Fupe," as I like to say. Fupe is short for FUPA - which stands for Fat Upper Pu**y Area - a term my friend April coined to the best of my knowledge. See, entertaining and educational?!)

Here's Becky - she's adorable. Except when guys shout things like "Ching-chong-ching" and "Lookin' good, China!" at her. Then she gets nasty - taking her revenge out on unsuspecting hipsters, holla-ing, "Hey Ironic Moustache! Wanna be in a band?"

Amanda is a poser, but she's still cool. She thinks The Girls Next Door are poseurs - not to mention fools! (What? Rhyme time!) Maybe they'll rip Hefs balls off? If only I had a picture of her shelter dog face... "Which one of your jokes is that, Amanda?" I don't have the manswer...

Allison's boobs teach kids how to read! She also knows a thing or two about shelter dogs, since she sponsors a dog from the North Shore Animal League named Stella. (For a lot of folks, sponsors and Stella go hand in hand.) She doesn't like construction workers or babies, but she does like her boyfriend - sort of...

Ophira (who we put a blue curtain up for since she was wearing a red tank top and we didn't want to lose her in the wall...) prefers male-dominated professions like IT and stand-up. The people she works with in the IT world treat their job like a career, while Ophira prefers to treat her hobbies that way. Soon she'll be moving in with her boyfriend - they've found a lovely meat-crate on the Upper East Side.


Funny as ever, Giulia introduced us to a new idea...nips on the FUPA. [you had to be there]

This Sunday, Giulia hosts Get Mortified.


Smart and Funny

Yay! We're listed in the Smart Set, which is a weekly listing of events curated by Lauren Cerand that is posted on Maud Newton's site.

This week's line-up is fantastic and our very funny and pregnant (it's so not a watermelon) Carolyn will be hosting.

Desiree Burch (SMUT, Fringe Festival)

Allison Castillo (VH1,Premium Blend)

Ophira Eisenberg (Premium Blend)

Amanda Melson (SSIOWY)

Giulia Rozzi (co-producer, Brutal Honesty)

Becky Yamamoto (Welcome to Our Week)


Pics from the 9th...

Ms. Nichelle was on the ball with her camera work as usual! Even though I wasn't at the show, I heard it was great. Raga was brimming with peeps and the comics were hot. See for yourself...

Above, Christina and Jess, pre-show. Jess has Executive Charisma! (Does that mean she's bossy? HEY!) Below, Ana and Michelle give good hug while Laura smiles as she looks at her notes. Christina is PSYCHED about doing the show! Either that or she's simulating oral. (But I don't usually smile that much...)

Molly: Tall Drink Of Water

Molly has subway crushes and bad dreams about her friends...

Some of Our Chicks Are Cluckin' in the Fringe!

Featuring a variety of unpredictable characters, current events, sketches, and song, The Social Affair is a 71-minute collage of the ridiculous. Take your seats as Father Patrick Fitzpatrick takes roll call, behold Darth Vader interviewing for a new job, witness Mein Kampf vs. Dr. Seuss, get caught up on your news, and more. The Social Affair features Katina Corrao, Matt McCarthy, Michael Muldoon, Jenny Rubin, Theron Steiner, Allen Warnock, and Billy Wood.

This foursome sets out to explain romance and reality within the confines imposed by society and/or biology. The joining of these artists formed, in effect, a family- and like most family units - the chemistry is both complimentary and combative. As each comedic monologue unfolds the subjects touched upon include: childhood, parenting, vices, race, projected images, widowhood, sexuality, debt, love, doctors, religion, gender, employers, internet dating, homeland security, nature or nurture, sex, death, the "happily ever after myth," and more sex.

ACE OF CLUBS in Acme Bar and Grill - 9 Great Jones St. between Broadway and Lafayette.

Click here for schedule & to buy tickets!


Emily Brings The Noise

Emily brought her posse (of friends) tonight and it was exciting!


This chick with the potty mouth...She totally "vadged" out tonight.

What is vadge?
Vadge means to act very womanly as if having a vagina is a badge of honor. Vadging out at Chicks and Giggles is a good thing.

Vicky and Nikki

Very funny ladies with big smiles and big laughs.

Correne and Rachael

Who says hot chicks can't be funny?! Call Pauly Shore.


Claudia is one "google search" away from losing her job. I think we all are!

Another Great Show!

Man - Raga was at Max Capacity (as Poppi Kramer says) on August 2 and the crowd just ate the Chicks right up! I think Nichelle might post a few pictures as usual...

I have started posting the lineups for the next couple weeks in the sidebar, so take a look to your right! The rest of August just keeps getting hotter - as if that's even possible.....


Bex Schwartz, Tonight at Chicks and Today In Gothamist!

Bex Schwartz is interviewed today in Gothamist by my good friend RKB. If you want more Bex, she will be at Chicks and Giggles tonight at Raga (433 East 6th Street).

The line-up tonight:
Carolyn Castiglia: Hostess Cupcake with the mostest
Vicky Bond (Brooklyn Comedy Co.)
Emily Epstein (Laugh Lounge)
Correne Kristiansen (Saturday Night Live)
Claudia Cogan (co-producer, Becky and Claudia's Supreme Offering)
Nikki Chawla (New York Comedy Club)
Rachael Parenta ($1 Room)
and the aforementioned Bex


Michelle Buteau is Perking At Premium Blend

Yeah! I said it! Michelle will be doing Premium Blend on Comedy Central this fall. Congrats! Now we just gotta get her a blog.