Tune in Tokyo

Radio Free NYC will be podcasting our show on Tuesday, February 21st. Be sure to come on out and see our fantastic lineup:

Irene Bremis (Stand Up New York)
Michelle Buteau (VH1)
Katina Corrao (Gotham)
Becky Donohue (Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn)
Rachel Feinstein (Premium Blend)
Jess Wood (BET)

says DON'T MISS it!


Naming The Show

I set up a google alert on female comedians, just so that I may keep up with was what's going on.
Anyway, there's a comedy night in Orlando.
Building a Community Performing Arts Center will present "An Evening of Estrogen," featuring four female comedians, at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Mount Dora Community Building.
An "Evening of Estrogen" reminds of the many horrible suggestions for names that I got when I was soliciting friends two years ago for the name of my all-girl comedy show that eventually became Chicks and Giggles. Some of the suggestions were:
  • American Midol
  • Comedivas
  • Funny Girls
  • Laugh Riot-Grrrls
  • See Jane Joke
  • PMS In The City (hell to the no!)
Feel free to use these names since I definitely won't be using them.
BTW, Dames and Chuckles is awful, too.:)


Riffs and Gigs: A Recap

Doing a weekly comedy show is one thing. Putting together a music concert is another story. We got a late start. The place was packed, and we had a fantastic show.
I think the total instrument count was two guitars, two ukeleles, a cello, three keyboards, a glockenspiel, and drum square and a drum kit!
Thanks to Rick from Mo Pitkins for being both a roadie and a sound guy!
Thanks to Allison for making red velvet cupcakes. Yum! Thanks to Adira, Erin, Aya, Mindy, Jessica, Touching You, Anne, Sydney, and Greg for providing the wonderfully funny music! Thanks to the audience who came and supported us. I want to give a big shout to Carolyn, as she hosted, rapped, and kept things rolling.

We plan to do another show in April with a freestyle battle. Holla!

Erin and Aya

No more parties at the zoo for Erin!


From Oswego to Mo's. See her on The Post Show's latest short.


She single-handedly brought the hot pink unitard back in style.


Her songs are dirty...but right on!

The Hazzards

I love the berets! Oh la la!


She's very attractive. See her on The Post Show's latest short.


Funny Women, Everywhere

Sarah Silverman is getting a show on Comedy Central.

Here's an interesting article about Kathie Dunbar, a comic and councilwoman in Lansing, Michigan.

Marga Gomez Stars in Los Big Names, Opening April 9 at the 47th Street Theatre.