Saturday, Claudia and I went to see "A Dirty Shame" and I sent a review into Remy at Gawker.

"A Dirty Shame" is my new favorite cult film. It's a
laugh riot for anyone who has a proclivity for depravity! All of the
jokes I got and laugh loudly. John Waters is a gifted director
because he created a movie that is a great caricature of America's
obsession with sex. It was interesting to see that all the sex acts
that were considered offensive did not involved intercourse. That's
the problem with most Americans is that everyone still is stuck with
the Puritanical belief that sex in confined to intercourse between a
man and a woman. The truth is sex is anything that gets you off.
Anyway, I applud John Waters for glorifying women getting "serviced".
I am encouraging my friends to go out and see it, so that some of the
lines, "Let's Go Sexing","I'm a cunnilingus bottom" and "NEUTERs" will
soon be pop culture catchphrases!

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