Are You There Judy Blume, It's Me and Ellen Lloyd!


Chicks and Giggle All-Star Ellen Lloyd and I went to the Judy Blume Reading series at Fez this past Tuesday. It was great!
Greg Gilderman and Miriam Parker produced an encore of the Judy Blume Reading Series. Judy Blume was there in attendance, and she truly enjoyed a lively tribute to her work. Lynn Harris read a hilarious piece celebrating the 25th anniversary of HER menstruation. The crowd roared as she wondered out loud that she should be given a “silver tampon” to mark the milestone. Mary Purdy’s piece was a story of patience, since she waited all through adolescence to get some righteous ta-tas. Miriam Parker read her gracious piece that shows that letter writing etiquette could easily be foiled by a seemingly innocent phrase. For more of my recap, check out the post at Nichelle Newsletter.

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