Mean Girls and Bullies

Tuesday, September 21,the WYSIWYG Talent Show goes back to school to relive the horrible memories of those stuck-up mean girls and the bullies who stole your lunch money or gave you wedgies. Bloggers will be reading their funny and tragic stories of "their so-called life"!

Chicks and Giggles All-Star Jessy Delfino will be one the readers featured.
Mike Daisey (mikedaisey.com)
Rachel Kramer Bussel (lustylady.blogspot.com)
Glenn B. (glennalicious.org)
Standard Deviance (standard-deviance.com)
José Ralat Maldonado (leftfieldlengua.blogspot.com)
Emily Gould (universalreview.com)
Jessica Delfino (jessydelfino.blogspot.com)

Tuesday, September 21, at 7:30 p.m. at P.S. 122
150 1st Ave. at East 9th St $7

After party at Open Air on St. Mark's Place

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