It's been a while since we've posted, mostly because things have been going so well and we've been so busy! But let me try to give you a little recap of the past few weeks:

RAP ATTACK was amazing. The crowd was great and the performances were stellar. Big ups to The Lesbian Overtones, The Pearl Brunswick, Adira Amram, Badlands Booker and Negin Farsad, who filmed the show for her documentary, "Nerdcore Rising." You can view the trailer here.

DADDY'S GIRL was a fantastic affair filled with ladies who love their fathers. Our reading nights are always a smash, so we'll be sure to hold another one soon!

Last Tuesday's show was HUGE - Sadie's Lounge was so packed that it smelled like a 16 year old boy's bedroom by the end of the night. Major laughs were given and received. Kudos to Adira Amram, Abbi Crutchfield, Becky Donohue, Jen Dziura, Molly Reisner and Brooke Van Poppelen.

Lastly, I finally uploaded the pictures from our trip to Roanoke College. The full set is here, but these are some of my favorites:

Carolyn Castiglia, Hostess Cupcake.

Katina Corrao

Jenny Rubin

Lianne Stokes

Michelle Buteau

Special thanks to Stephanie Garst for having us and Brendan Bush for the awesome photos!

See you next Tuesday, y'all...

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