June 27th Chicks and Giggles Show

Was awesome as always! I didn't get a shot of our good friend Rachael Parenta who opened the show, but I did get a shot of Claire Wyckoff's tummy/penis greeting. Talk about caring enough to send the very best...
Click to enlarge. (That's what Claire said! HEY-OH!)
A major shout Top Left to our super-cute, mad cool hipster fans! Love you guys for always coming out. Center you see the brilliant Kimmy Gatewood, Top Right we have the hilarious "monologuist" Sara Schaefer, Center Left the always on point Lisa Harmon... penistomach... Center Right the hysterical Margaret Dodge.
Be there July 11th so you can be in our next picture square!
NO SHOW JULY 4TH, Y'ALL. As Rachael Parenta says, "If it wasn't for the French helping us win the Revolutionary War, we'd all be speaking English right now."

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