Hell, yeah!

What a fantastic show last night. Not that every show isn't spectacular because really they all are, but we had such a great mix of comedy, variety and music (not to mention a packed room full of awesome peeps) that it was just really, really fun. My new buddy Jeffrey James from The Shark Show said "It makes me physically ill when people say that women aren't funny, and I wish everyone who's ever said that was here tonight."

Mad props go to comics Adrienne Iapalucci, Liz Miele, Leighann Lord, our house ventriloquist Carla Rhodes and our musical guest Robin Gelfenbien. Robin graciously set up the rockin'-est beat/guitar track I've ever heard on her Casio for me to "rap up" the show with. It was a blast!

Thanks to everybody who came out - spread the love, y'all!

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