Fan Mail

We got a lovely letter from our new friend Molly who ended up onstage at this week's show:
Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for choosing me to play the “I ain’t no New York walker person” role last night (think I ad-libbed the “ain’t” part – seemed more authentic.) It was nice to relax into my drawl again.
Sarah (of pink vibrator fame), Kelly, my sister Lacey and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It is the second time we’ve been and I plan on making it a regular thing – so funny, fresh and feminine (feel free to use that.) Loved the Prussian Blue stuff – so scary it has to be funny. Oh and I loved the bit last time about Evian Flu. That cracked me up!
Thanks for the Chicks and Giggles!
Rock on, Mols! XOXO.

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