We Love You, Virginia!

Here's a big shout out to anyone visiting the blog from the King's dominion down there in VA! The show this weekend at Roanoke College was amazing. It took us ten hours to get there but the drive was beautiful - right through the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. We pulled in Friday at 7, did the show at 8 and then partied like rock stars afterwards in this big old haunted (?) house where we slept. (I didn't see any ghosts but I was too tired to see anything, really.) Jenny, Michelle and Katina still had enough energy left to go hang with the locals at Mac and Bob's - a bar opened by two native New Yorkers, oddly enough - while Lianne and I hung back and hit the sack. Our lovely host Stephanie Garst took us for a delicious coffee at Mill Mountain Saturday morning after dropping Michelle off at the airport (she did three shows in one weekend in three different cities!) and then out to breakfast at Famous Anthony's where we had Southern specialties like sausage gravy and biscuits and, well, egg white omelet no mushroom covered in ketchup (Lianne). The kids at Famous Anthony's were cool and gave us some mugs to take home as souvenirs. As we were about to leave, our waitress said to us, "That guy over there saw y'alls show last night and he said it was real funny." That was the best! All in all it was a great trip. I'll post the pics as soon as I get them!

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suzy redbud said...

Always fun in the 'Noke! Glad yall enjoyed! Yall come back now, ya here?!