It's a Small World After All

Tuesday night, the illustrious Wendy Ho was unable to perform due to some strange rash "down there," so we gave away dildos in her absence. I told the crowd I'd give them to whoever was willing to admit they wanted one, and the first girl to raise her hand was Sarah from Smoke and Ashes. But I didn't know she was Sarah from Smoke and Ashes at the time. Here's how I put it all together:
(From my email to Sarah)
So I'm talking to Wendy Ho today and she says "I thought you were kidding about giving a dildo away in my honor but the girl who got it was at the show last night." I say what show - she says Erin Foley's show. So I happen to be googling "hipster and hip replacement" cuz I'm thinking about how that's the description I use for our show on the Mo's site but I knew someone used it in the Post article on comedy and I wanted to find out who* - then I come across YOUR blog cuz you have the show description on it, and I see you advertise Erin's show and VOILA! I do the math.** Wait - the girl who won the dildo's name was Sarah........
And - scene! Perhaps the World Wide Web isn't as wide as we think. The moral of the story? Come to Chicks and Giggles! Making the world a smaller, more orgasmic place every Tuesday night.
*Turns out it was Gabe from the Shark Show, also at Mo's. Great minds think alike!
**This is amazing because I am REALLY bad at math.

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