Chicks & Giggles: November 15 Recap

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Last night's show was sizzling hot! We had some unexpected changes in the line-up but it worked out perfectly in the end. The comics brought their "A+" game and the crowd was howling with laughter. Carolyn, the hostess with the mostest kicked off our show!


The Assimilated Negro said...

so, um, when does the "chicks and giggles for assimilated negroes" dating service start?

I need a hot, funny strumpet to join me for pot, and runny crumpets.

I don't really want pot and runny crumpets. I just wanted to rhyme. I don't know if crumpets can be runny.

but um, yeah, where was I, oh yeah, boobs and jokes! I mean chicks and giggles. if it helps, the vagina can be optional, just need something to look at when they're not being funny.

I presume you have an extensive match-making survey, so I've answered the 500 questions in advance. let me know where to send the app.

ah, this was fun. toodles.

Carolyn said...

Listen, TAN - you are never gonna get a hot funny chick with that pic.

My rhymes are hot AND make sense. ;)

The Assimilated Negro said...


how's that mami?

I'm bakneffek

now I"m all set up for the "oh maybe you should have stuck with the old picture"

but whatever. that's not up to chicks and giggles standards for humor.

carolyn - you jsut had a child right? she's a girl, no? is she funny? cute? ... maybe you can have her check out my blahg and drop me a line ...