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On Thursday, November 17, I had the pleasure of hosting comics Katina Corrao, Jen Dziura, Lorca Morello, Giulia Rozzi and Jenny Rubin at our fundraiser for the YWCA, held at 440 Studios. Here's what the folks from the Y had to say about our show:

From Melissa Lin, Development Associate:

Thanks again for all the time you've put in for us. It's truly appreciated, and I think it really went well. I was wondering if you could forward the names of the comedians last night to me, as well as the rest of the group? People have been asking me what their names are, etc... I think we have some real groupies here!

Anyway please pass on our regards to the comedians... They were fabulous. I'm definitely keeping my Tuesdays open...

From Jerome Grant:

I would also like to say CONGRATS to all of you for putting this special evening together. It was very well done and I think everyone in attendance had a great time.

Thank you all for your support of the YW.

Established in 1858, the YWCA of the City of New York is one of the nation's oldest non-profit organizations. Our mission is to empower the City's women, girls and their families and to eliminate racism. Our programs provide childcare at Early Learning Centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island: new Family Resource Centers that offer programs on parenting, job training, financial literacy, and health and nutrition in the communities where our Learning Centers are located; employment training for women; after-school programs for children, girls and young adults, and for youth with disabilities. We serve as a leading advocate for women, girls and diversity.

Check out their website at http://www.ywcanyc.org.

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