You Say You Want a Revolution

Well, you know, we all wanna change the world. And we all wanna be able to afford Whole Foods, Susannah Perlman, but sometimes Key Food is as good as it gets.

This is directly related to Claudia's conundrum below, but Susannah is Jewish and she looks Italian! How funny. Just goes to show people who like to eat all end up looking the same. And these girls are gorgeous!

p.s. - Susannah made it to the show a little bit late, so she had no idea my fabulous husband was the guy taking pictures. She said, "Who are you, Sweden? You gonna post these pictures of the unknowns on the internet? Some vacation." So I had to tell everyone Mark is not from Sweden, he's from Holland - their penises are much bigger. Nichelle then brought up the fact that I called it a "big Dutch wiener" last week in my piece for "Teacher's Pet." I'm not obsessed, just proud.

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