Rachael's Recap

Since Carolyn and I missed most of the show, I asked the verbose Rachael Parenta to give up a recap. Rachael's hosting was excellent, and the house was packed.


At 8:15 the downstairs at Raga had tumbleweed tumbling across the floor. And then the basement flooded with people. Some people took seats on the steps rather than miss this week's installment of Chicks.

Host Rachael Parenta kicked things off with her signature loud comedy. She also informed two chatty cathies that she was a ninja during the day. She even went so far as to do knuckle push-ups while telling jokes.

Laura Mannino kicked things off and gushed about "Extreme Makeover" and uttered one of the best lines of the night, "I have to drive my mom's cryogenically frozen head to work."

Laughing Liberally's Katie Halper told a story of a trip to Spain where food poisoning met an overnight train ride and where soul coughing met colon evacuation. She stands by her choice of shitting her pants while vomitting into the toilet instead of the other way around.

Mighty Afro Whitey (Robin Gelfenbien) mixed things up with her keyboard backed comedy. She really hit home with her hatred of office parties and utter contempt for the people who work in her office. Keep singing the truth sister!

Adrienne Iapalucci - who knew she was so funny? OK, obviously the producers of the show did - that's why they booked her. The crowd ate up her tale of not being let into the police academy. And thank god they didn't, now we get to see her do the stand-up.

Kelly Nichols - a tall drink of water - recounted some transit authority incompetence. "Officer, there's a man following me with his penis hanging out of his pants. 'What was he wearing Ma'am?' I don't remember but you might be able to identify him as he's the one with his penis hanging out of his pants."

Cara Amore made a porn with her husband which was really hot until...they watched it!

We closed out the evening with special musical guest Bari Koral who delighted the crowd with her amazing voice and well crafted songs. She plans on performing at more comedy shows because she's dated too many drummers.

Thanks all to who came and laughed!

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