Some of Our Chicks Are Cluckin' in the Fringe!

Featuring a variety of unpredictable characters, current events, sketches, and song, The Social Affair is a 71-minute collage of the ridiculous. Take your seats as Father Patrick Fitzpatrick takes roll call, behold Darth Vader interviewing for a new job, witness Mein Kampf vs. Dr. Seuss, get caught up on your news, and more. The Social Affair features Katina Corrao, Matt McCarthy, Michael Muldoon, Jenny Rubin, Theron Steiner, Allen Warnock, and Billy Wood.

This foursome sets out to explain romance and reality within the confines imposed by society and/or biology. The joining of these artists formed, in effect, a family- and like most family units - the chemistry is both complimentary and combative. As each comedic monologue unfolds the subjects touched upon include: childhood, parenting, vices, race, projected images, widowhood, sexuality, debt, love, doctors, religion, gender, employers, internet dating, homeland security, nature or nurture, sex, death, the "happily ever after myth," and more sex.

ACE OF CLUBS in Acme Bar and Grill - 9 Great Jones St. between Broadway and Lafayette.

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