Mainstream Comedy: Here's How You *Summit* Up:

A friend (yes, a boy) sent me this brilliant link to Summit Comedy. Here are some actual screen shots from their site:

It's almost too good to be true, but it is. I only wish they'd broken down each category further:

  • Bi-sexual, Newly Thin Asians: Margaret Cho.
  • Black Girls with Good Hair: Aisha Tyler.
  • Women with Suspiciously Fake Sounding Names: Diane Ford, Hope Flood, Chocolate.

Now, I mean no disrespect to Chocolate or any of the other babes on this roster. I just hope Summit doesn't send a lawyer or a female lawyer after me because I wouldn't want to have to appear in court before a judge or a female judge and end up in jail or women's prison.

I guess this post means I'll never be booked at "Jesters Comedy Stop" at Bullfrogs Live in Topeka or the Holiday Inn in Bluefield, West Virginia, but I'm sure they can get Tim Allen to do his one man show, "The Santa Clause 4: Horsemen of the Apocalypse."


BloggyStyle said...
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BloggyStyle said...

I did my usual scan through the Carolines ad in TONY today: "Shlong, shlong, shlong, shlong, shlong...ok, what else ya got?!"

They should have just titled the female comics' pix as "Komedic Twat."

"said" Woman said...

Oh Basile, that guy. I think I saw him play the basement of my Greek church once. Then I saw him do the act all over again at Just For Laughs...those Canadians love a good greek joke.

Juliet said...

WTF? Like female comedians are a different race of people or something??????? Comedians, and then I guess we will have to have some because otherwise people might call us politically incorrect but we have to seperate them lest anyone get confused!

Janomee said...

Working as a feature in and around NYC and PA etc... So many times I am brought up to the stage with the words.... Our next performer is a female. Like they wouldn't figure it out on their own?? Thing is it is often said by women comedian host too. Stop it!!!!
Just say out next comedian is hysterical ...put your hands together for such and such. Really Enough!