Chock Full O' Nuts

We had two fantastic shows this week, the first on Tuesday with these lovely ladies:

Plus Michelle Collins, who we were unable to photograph as a result of her recent enrollment in the witness protection program due to a scuffle with some neighborhood kids who were dissing Celine Dion. You dis Celine, you get a beating like you've never seen!

COMICS DOING COVERS on Wednesday was hilarious - and though we don't have photos, we did shoot the show with two - count 'em - two cameras! Hopefully we can post a clip on You Tube or something soon.

Thanks to Ann Carr, Katina Corrao, Jessica Delfino, Lang Fisher, Josh Grosvent, Shawn Hollenbach, Matt McCarthy, Sara Schaefer, Baron Vaughn and Becky Yamamoto for gracing the stage!

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