What you missed...

Or didn't, since as usual the room was packed! Here's the photo recap:

Me and my volunteers reinacting a conversation I had at Starbucks with a perky young Southern tourist and a Hipster-ish dude about the location of the nearest Hooters.

Mandy "Yeah right he's just not that into me" Stadtmiller

Becky "He's just not that into you if he moves to LA and says *Don't Call*" Ciletti

Heather "No longer phased by her boss' penis" Fink

Val "The Venison Lover" Kappa

Jess "Flipper Flicker" Wood

Kristin "I'm a real musician" Plater

Buy her CD! She's amazing.

A big shout to the 14-year-old who was in the front row, and our resident pedophile, Matt, who was (and still is) just a few seats away...

See you next week, y'all!

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