Naming The Show

I set up a google alert on female comedians, just so that I may keep up with was what's going on.
Anyway, there's a comedy night in Orlando.
Building a Community Performing Arts Center will present "An Evening of Estrogen," featuring four female comedians, at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Mount Dora Community Building.
An "Evening of Estrogen" reminds of the many horrible suggestions for names that I got when I was soliciting friends two years ago for the name of my all-girl comedy show that eventually became Chicks and Giggles. Some of the suggestions were:
  • American Midol
  • Comedivas
  • Funny Girls
  • Laugh Riot-Grrrls
  • See Jane Joke
  • PMS In The City (hell to the no!)
Feel free to use these names since I definitely won't be using them.
BTW, Dames and Chuckles is awful, too.:)

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