Funny Women, A Turn-Off ?! Hell To The No!

Richard from Dogs Must Be Carried let us know that Chortle, The British Comedy website has linked the Times article. Browsing Chortle, I found this ridiculous article that says that funny women are a turnoff. This is utter rubbish especially considering that many of the female comics that I know are dating, married or in serious relationships. In fact, their ability to communicate in a humorous way and laid back demeanor are attractive personality traits. Plus, to be a comic, you have to have confidence. Confidence is sexy, and I know men like that. Lastly, many of the females here in New York are absolutely gorgeous. Just look at the pictures on the blog!


Shaun Eli said...

As a male comic, I can say with 100% confidence that there's nothing sexier than a woman who makes me laugh. But I can understand a man lacking confidence finding a woman that makes other people laugh a bit intimidating.

-Shaun Eli

Nichelle said...

Thanks Shaun!

The Assimilated Negro said...

here here for this. nothing, NOTHING hotter than a funny woman, who's, you know, like hot...

jokes between slurps of the 'ol dipstick are a special treat

carishon said...

are you sure those married/involved female comedians are ACTUALLY funny?


Nichelle said...


If you live in New York, come to the show next Tuesday and see for yourself.

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carishon said...

other than my previous post being a joke, i'd love to come by next tuesday, when and where and how much?

Nichelle said...

I saw the j/k only after I was done posting! :)

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