Chicks Kick Greg Wilson's Butt

Chicks and Giggles had our first real challenge since moving to Mo Pitkins, a packed room! Yay! I didn’t take pictures as I was busy keeping time and watching the crowd. Plus, I was in the corner so I couldn’t get good pictures anyway. Michelle Buteau rocked as host. She kept the crowd laughing which was full of people (mostly men) who were waiting to see The Greg Wilson in the other room. The crowd loved our “vadging” out comedy. Some even stayed until our show was done before heading over hear Greg! Katina led off the night with Weight Watchers jokes and flirted with audience members. Michelle Maclay had some sexy and dirty jokes that I had never heard before. Robin Fox had hot jokes about her son’s morning pop-up tent and Lianne did the infamous “Mind Reader” to a whole new crowd. Rounding out the show was AB Carney’s dark humor and Liz Miele’s blessed humor. Everyone loves our gorgeous Irish bartender Thomas, and I think the feeling is mutual. Come check out the show next Tuesday!

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