Estrogenius Fest

This is an opportunity for you to submit solo shows to this annual festival.

Estrogenius is our annual celebration of women’s voices, now in its sixth season. Including theatre, solo shows, music, visual art, dance & much more, the festival is held in the fall each year. We take submissions from around the world and are committed to providing opportunities to female artists - in a variety of disciplines - ranging from the emerging to the seasoned professional.




Goblets of wine and eight steaks are great for this lovely lady.

Molly Reisner, Tall Glass of Water

Molly Reisner

Leighann Is The Bomb

Lovely Leighann

Check out Leighann's site for upcoming date.

Pop Goes The Weasel

Poppi Kramer

Poppi Kramer has reached maximum comedy!

Michelle Maclay, Avid Spooner

Your Lovely Host in Her Dress Barn coat

Carolyn or Drunk Liza?

Carolyn produced and hosted a fantastic show.

Here's what Leighann Lord had to say about last night's show...

"Okay. You blew it. If you weren't in the house last night, 4/26, at Raga, you missed one helluva show. Chicks & Giggles absolutely rocked the house last night. I'm not saying that because I was on the show. :-) But I shared the stage with some truly funny, talented and supportive women. Each of them did their best to ruin the stereotype that women aren't funny."

Right back atcha, babe! Check out Leighann's blog and her schedule.

Laura's Folder of Jokes

Stand-Up Material


April 26 - CHICK IT UP!

I'm "guest-producing" and hosting the show on April 26 and I am so psyched! Here is the fantastic lineup:

Desiree Burch (host of SMUT at Galapagos, member of the Neo-Futurists)

AB Carney (founding member of the new Manhattan Comedy Collective at Juvie Hall)

Poppi Kramer (Suddenly Stand-Up at The Duplex, Poole Party, LOGO Network)

Leighann Lord (Premium Blend, Tough Crowd, The View, VH1)

Michelle Maclay (co-produces Comedy Social at Sin Sin, regular at Mintyfresh at The Duplex)

Laura Mannino (co-produces Mintyfresh at The Duplex, regular at Comedy Social)

Molly Reisner (co-producer of Laugh Sucka, Brooklyn Comedy Company's Ladies First)

Jenny Rubin (regular at Comedy Social and Mintyfresh, Secret Sniff contest at Laugh Factory)

with your host:
Carolyn Castiglia (regular at Comedy Social, Mintyfresh, pioneer of pre-natal comedy)

You have to come check this show out! The last time this many talented women were gathered in one room was - last night at Chicks and Giggles!

April 26th at 8:30 pm at Raga, 433 E. 6th Street between 1st and Ave. A. FREE!

Newlywed Lisa Harmon

Laura, our host!

Laura Mannino hosted and gave away some lovely prizes.


She's not a 12 year-old boy!

Kelli Dunham took the Chinatown bus up from Philly just to do Chicks and Giggles. Yay!


Abby Rosin

I am going to try a new strategy...taking pictures of the lovely comedians when they are NOT in the middle of their act. Abby did a great set!


April 12 is the next show

Spring is here.
Time to laugh and shave your legs.
Enjoy the comedy and company of women.
Come to chicks and Giggles at Raga!